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Hello my friends:

I am a female Labrador
(well, not really; my Mom is, but my father... God knows; hehe).

My name is Latuqui.

A few weeks ago while I was still an infant, a cord somehow wrapped around my tiny leg and strangled off my blood supply, or oxygen and circulation to it.

When my family came home and checked on me, it seemed to be ok.
The next day, they gave me a bath and still my leg was great.
24 hours later, there was no bone, muscles, nothing; just hair and toenails.

Strange, huh?

Everything inside my leg disappeared without a trace,
as if something had sucked out everything from the inside.
The skin was not ripped open at all, and yes, the toenails were attached to the skin of the "foot."

There was just skin and a foot attached to the thigh.

My owner called the vet. He is very nice and took great care of me.
He said mine was the first case he'd ever seen in all the years he's been in practice. He said it was gangrene, but this was the first time he had seen a case where no muscles, bone or tissues were present.

Now I am 8 weeks old and a very loving little 3 legged doggie.
My family loves me, and I love them.
Heyyy, they even bought me some perfume!

P.S. The girl in the pic is Latuqui's owner, Carolina (my daughter)
Tuesday August 7, 2007


I found Cassie's Club through your link on the I Heart Tripods website. We have a really fantastic and special three-legged dog named Clarence.

Clarence is almost 2 years old--still a puppy--and we got him in January of this year (2007). We adopted Clarence from the humane society here in Tucson, AZ. They are wonderful and generous people.

It seems Clarence was a stray and the folks at the humane society believe he was maybe hit by a car--when he was brought to them, his left front elbow was entirely smashed and Clarence was very skinny.

The folks at the humane society amputated Clarence's front leg all the way to the shoulder, fixed him, gave him all of his shots, microchipped him, cleaned him up and nursed him for a month while he was medicated with pain meds and antibiotics.

We got Clarence the day after he was made available for adoption.

We had been visiting almost daily, looking for an older female to keep our 10-year-old Aussie Shepherd mix Maya company. One of the women at the humane society told us, "you'll know when you find the right one, and it sure won't be what you expect!"

Well, we certainly didn't plan to come across Clarence and fall in love with him instantly. We brought him home the next day and Clarence and Maya are now the best of friends, though Clarence the big slobbery puppy does sometimes drive Maya the grumpy old lady a little bit nuts. :)

We think he is a German Shepherd/Chow mix--his tongue is about half pink and half blue/black, his coat is REALLY thick, he has a shepherd build and coloring and his nickname is "Bighead," because his big square head looked so large on his skinny body when we got him, especially since he is missing a front shoulder.

Clarence is a big boy--when we got him he was very underweight at 65 pounds and he is now at a normal, healthy 90 pounds.

Clarence loves to fetch and run and he will beat any dog to his ball.
He loves to wrestle and he loves the dog park.
Mostly, though, he is our "in-house escort"-- he follows us from room to room, even laying right outside the bathroom door if one of us is in the shower.

We are so happy to have him with us and feel blessed that we found him. :)

Jaime and Jesse Harris
Tucson, AZ
Sunday August 12, 2007

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