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Josie was hit by a car and had her leg broken.
Her owners didn't take her in for care,
even though the neighbors tried to get them to.

She walked with a broken leg for two months.

Finally, the neighbors called the Sheriff,
who took her to Safe Harbor at the state penitentiary.
They took her to a vet who amputated the leg,
which of course was severely infected.

Then they brought her back for some training, and we got her.
As our vet says, she is the perfect dog.

An interesting thing is that although the first aid manuals say
to be very careful of injured dogs as they are dangerous,
even with a broken leg, she was sweet and loving.

Anne L. Haehl
Tuesday August 14, 2007


My name is Sydnee Logan, and my dog is Duncan.
He's been a part of my family for about 8 years;
my parents adopted him from the SPCA and gave him to my brother and me for Christmas.

Although Duncan is always rather lazy in the house,
once he's outside, with all the dogs to play with and rabbits and cats to chase, it's a different story.

Unfortunately, however, chasing cats caused his accident.
A few days ago, he got loose, chased a cat down the street, and got hit by a car. The car crushed his leg, and it had to be amputated.

Although it has only been a few days since his accident,
I expect my special friend to recover well.

I visited him in the animal hospital today,
and although he only had his surgery yesterday,
he is already limping around on his own!
I'm so proud of him and I can't wait to bring him home tomorrow!

Sydnee Logan
Thursday August 16, 2007

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