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Please help; a monster is loose on the streets of Kansas City, cutting the hind feet off dogs.

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I am writing to thank you for your wonderful site.
Our dog Chocolate lost his leg just this past Wednesday
and our family was fortunate enough to find your site.
It helped our three children learn what Chocolate would look like after surgery and how we could help him adjust - or better yet,
how he would help us adjust.

Here is Chocolate's life story....

Chocolate found us 6 years ago;
he was lost or abandoned near a busy highway just by our house.
After many attempts to locate his owner with no reply,
we decided he was meant to be a part of our family.

Chocolate fit into our family like a long lost puzzle piece.
Our children love to play for hours in the yard with him.
But I think he is a mamma's boy, because I seldom go anywhere
without him jumping in the car.

We think Chocolate is part cat,
because of his many lives and many brushes with death.

His first brush was just one year after being with us.

We were away and came home to find that his collar had gotten stuck
when he was going down the deck steps.
He was unconscious and not breathing; we were devastated.
We cut his collar and started mouth-to-mouth.
Thank goodness, he came around.
We have no idea how long he hung there,
but he suffered no after effects.

His second brush with death came last February.

While outside, he decided to cut across the pool to the other side.
The ice broke and down he went.
My 6 yr old daughter Olivia found him,
too weak from having struggled so long to struggle any longer to get out, I ran and got him out, dried him off, and again the angel with him helped him through.

Not only has Chocolate had his own many near misses,
but he saved our baby girl from her own brush with death.
When at 2 years old our daughter was crawling up the laundry room steps to see me, as I did laundry and talked to her without looking down, Chocolate came running from the other side of the house, barking and whimpering as he was on a dead run for Olivia.

I was furious when he ran up to her and began to jump on her and bark and pull at her clothes. I was shocked that this gentle dog was attacking her.

Then with another jump on her back,
a marble popped out of her mouth.

She was choking and I hadn't even noticed.
But Chocolate - from three rooms away - had a sixth sense something was wrong, and came to her rescue.

He saved her life, and we could never repay our debt to him.

Now his latest - and hopefully last - brush came just one month ago.

My husband was cutting down a big cedar tree in our yard.
Chocolate was hiding under the deck, afraid of the chainsaw,
then when the final cut to the tree was made
and with the sound of the loud crack,
Chocolate must have gotten scared and bolted from under the deck,
right under the path of the falling 300lb tree.

It landed right across his back.

We had thought he was gone immediately,
but he moved slightly without even a whimper.
We rushed him to the veterinary, terrified of what the results would be.
A limb had punctured his lung,
his bowels and bladder were severely bruised,
and his leg appeared to be broken.

After a sleepless night of worry,
we arrived back at the vet clinic at 6 am
to find Chocolate wanting out of his cage and to be home.
The x-ray showed no break in his leg, but the nerves had been damaged beyond repair. He was paralyzed in the front leg.

He managed for three weeks with his paralyzed leg, with no problems.
Then he began to chew his nails and then his foot, and it had to be amputated. Cost was a huge problem, but his life was worth the world to us.

There was no way we could put him down, as some people have suggested. He is our family, after all.

So $900 later, his ordeal is over.
He had his leg amputated just two days ago and he is already back to normal, playing, jumping and loving his family as much as we love him.
He was meant to find us, and we were meant to find him.

So that is Chocolates life story, so far.

We pray there will be no more brushes with death;
just "happy-ever-after's"!

Tanya Wilson
Friday August 31, 2007

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