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To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to nominate a dog who has honestly touched my heart...
He was a patient at the veterinary clinic where I used to work...
and the day he came in, you knew that there was something very special about him..

His name was Zach and he was a golden lab/retriever
and he had a smile that would melt your heart instantly..
Zach came in one day because he had been limping intermittently,
and since he wasn't a puppy anymore, the first instinct was to take an x-ray.

This was when it was revealed that Zach had osteosarcoma -
which is also known as bone cancer.

It was then discussed to have Zach's leg amputated,
in order to give him the best chance for survival.

During Zach's surgery and recovery, I remained with him as long as I possibly could, because I did not want him to be alone during this trying time and his owners had also touched a special place in my heart, as well.

Zach recovered remarkably fast and was back up and not just walking, but RUNNING around like he did before his surgery.

I can remember times that he would just prance around the clinic
in between bandage changes and show off his beautiful smile -
which in turn made everyone present smile.
The world was his, and he did not let anything slow him down.

Zach had become almost a mentor to my three-legged dog as well;
they were the best of friends, and whenever Zach came into the clinic,
my dog Lennox would be in the waiting room, greeting him by giving up his belly.

He and Zach shared numerous memories,
and I'm sure they told each other many stories.

I wanted to nominate Zach into the three-legged dog club,
because he was recently put to sleep as his health was finally catching up to his age.

I received the news via e-mail because I had recently left the clinic and moved out of town.

Zach was one of the most special dogs that I ever had the privilege of meeting, and he will always hold a dear place in my heart.

I wanted him to be remembered in a special way,
which is why I have sent in this e-mail and the picture of how Zach should be remembered... with a huge smile!!

Sincerely yours,

Lindsay Zomer
Sunday September 2, 2007

P.S: The owners are aware of me submitting Zach's story and pictures... just wanted to make sure to let you know.


Sunny, A Special Girl.

Sunny was adopted from the animal shelter about 12 years ago.
She was six months old.

About three years ago, a growth appeared on her left hind leg.
Suddenly, it started to grow rapidly and it was removed.
The diagnosis was hemangiopericytoma.

This type of tumor rarely metastasizes
but it is almost impossible to remove it completely
because it wraps itself around the muscles and nerves.

She had a total of 5 surgeries in 2 and half years.
The surgeries were very rough for her and also for me.
She was a real trooper.

This past January, she had to have the leg amputated
because nothing further could be done to save her leg.
She had the surgery on a Friday and I took her home one day later.
She was already up and walking.

She has really surprised us all.
Her biggest problem was climbing stairs,
but she has learned to climb up and down on her own again.
The only time she needs a boost is getting into the car.

It is really inspiring to see how well she has adapted.
We humans can learn a lot from our pets.

Monday September 3, 2007

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