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Our 6 1/2 year old St Bernard, Molly,
was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on July 19, 2007.

Our regular vet didn't think it was wise to consider
amputation/chemo on such a large dog (165#),
so she was sent home with pain pills, etc. with maybe 3 months to live. We did a great deal of research, including finding your site,
which was of great help.

We decided to try to prolong her stay....
we contacted the Ohio State Univ. Vet. Hospital,
had her evaluated, and did the amputation of her left forelimb
on August 3. Had a "bump in the road" when she developed seroma in the incision area, but overall has recovered and adapted well.

She had her first chemo treatment on August 23 and has 3 more to go. It's surprising how well a dog will adapt to being three-legged!
We are, of course, hopeful that Molly will beat the averages
and stay healthy and with us for 18 months or more;
but we realize this is cancer and there are no guarantees.

She had just had a haircut the week before diagnosis,
so she hardly looks like a St Bernard -
when her hair grows back, she has much more color than these pictures show.

Yes, everything is healed now. Not sure about the swimming...
she never liked the water much before!
We live on a lake, so we'll try to figure something out,
before it gets too cold here (Ohio).

Pleasure to hear from you, and so quickly.
As you might surmise this has been all new to us....
we've learned an awful lot about this, and we're just very hopeful
that all our efforts (and money) keep Molly with us as long as possible, under the circumstances.

John & Linda Knight
Eaton, Ohio
Monday September 10, 2007

Appreciate your encouraging words.
We are told that even with the amputation and chemo,
median life expectancy with osteosarcoma is only 12 months or so,
given that most dogs (90%) have already experienced spread to the lungs at time of bone cancer diagnosis, even though it is not yet visible on x-rays.

We're hoping she beats the averages!

Molly goes on Thursday for her second round of chemo.

John Knight
Eaton, Ohio
Tuesday September 11, 2007


My dog's name is Kinky.
She was on her way to get shot by some backwards rednecks out in Colorado. I said, "Hey, don't shoot that one, I want her!"
She was only 3 weeks old at the time.

As far as her missing a leg, she was attacked by a black bear.
I shot the dang bear and pulled Kinky to safety.
Her leg was history.
She is an outstanding pooch.
She doesn't have many dog friends, but I am her bestest buddy.

Heres another picture of my buddy, Kinky.

Scooter McDuffy
Have a dandy day!
Wednesday September 12, 2007

Hi Cynthia,
I'll tell you more of Kinkys story.
She was born at a junkyard, August 1999, in Colorado.
I just happened to be there looking for a truck part.
It is sad, but puppies born there get shot.

Now concerning her leg. I was a Colorado park ranger
living at the ranger residence at the Paonia State park.
Kinky lived there with me.
Kinky was protecting her food, when I heard the commotion outside.
I shot the bear once at close range with a .44 magnum.
I love Kinky more than anything.
As much as I hated shooting the bear, I had to do it.

Thursday September 13, 2007

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