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My name's Meg and I recently
(a week and a half ago)
adopted my three-legged Max.

I work as a prosthetist for humans
(meaning I make artificial limbs)
and I was looking for a dog on

I saw Max's picture and knew it was fate.
He was the most adorable dog I'd ever seen.

His profile said that his old owner was an elderly man who had to move in with his kids and couldn't take Max.

It read: 'Max is good boy.'

And that is so true.
He is really a sweetheart.

He's a German Shepherd/Shiba Inu mix who is about 7 years old
and I'm told he lost his leg as a result of being hit by a car.

He's missing his front left leg at the transhumeral level, but you wouldn't know it, to see him run. He runs just as swiftly as any of the other dogs who've come over for play-dates.

He tends to act up a little when other dogs first come over, as if he thinks he has to prove himself, being the smallest and the only one without four legs, but he soon makes friends and plays hard.

It's pretty obvious that he was spoiled in his last home, because he made himself at home the first night right on my bed.

That makes me feel good.
His old owner took good care of him,
and I'm sure it was a hard decision to let him go;
the dog he'd apparently fought so hard to save.

If you're out there, Max is doing great!

He also gets along great with his new sister, Happy
(my roommate's dog).

I'm hoping that we can do pet therapy together.
He is so laid back and loves attention.
He can have 10 hands on him at once and be in heaven.
He's so spunky; he has more energy than me!

I'm enclosing a few pics of Max.
One is of him in his favorite bandana I made him.
It reads: "My vet charges an arm and a leg (I'm on a payment plan)."

Two other bandanas I've made for him are pictured above:
"Dude, where's my leg?" and
"One foot in the grave."

I'm planning two more for him:
"It's all fun and games until somebody loses a paw" and
"My other leg's in the shop."

He also has his own BLOG!


Meg Sligar
Tuesday September 4, 2007


My name is Yvonne, and these are pictures of my baby Shortie.
We have had him 1.5 yrs. He turned 2 September 3rd.
He is a very sweet dog, and well behaved.

We travel for a living, and stay in RV parks where he has to stay on a leash. The one we are in now requires us to mow our own grass.
My first thought was to put him inside,
but I have mowed with him out before.

Well, this time, I should have listened to myself.
I didn't see his tie out leash, which is green, and the mower caught it. It was horrible, plus I am in Indiana where I wasn't sure where a vet was. I thought he was going to bleed to death before I got him help.
I did grab a towel and dipped it in the ice chest
and wrapped it and held pressure on his leg.

I knew when I saw it that there was no way to save it.
I am having a hard time getting over the guilt,
and to see him trying to walk, and knowing he is hurting is really getting to me.

I know accidents happen, but knowing I could have avoided it
by doing what I should have done in the first place is what really hurts.
I know he will be okay and will be running and chasing squirrels again.
It will just take time for all of us.

Thank you for being on the net so I can get some support.

Animal lover,
Yvonne Tyson
Sunday September 9, 2007

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