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My name is Matthew.
My wife and son and I recently decided to adopt an 8 month old Black Lab / Bull Mastiff cross. His name was Cain. He is the most passive, cute, friendly dog I've ever owned. Our other dog Kita, is a
Black Lab / Great Dane cross, and we knew she needed a big boyfriend.

Cain was with us for about a week, and the 2 dogs became instant best friends. My dog Kita has loved riding in the back of my truck on the farm since she was little. She absolutely adores it.
So naturally, I figured my new dog would love it too.
Not the case.

Tragically, I learned the hard way, that my new dog hated the back of my pick up, and he jumped out as we were driving down the road near our farm. I actually witnessed the dog leap out of the back of my truck through my side mirror.

I stared in disbelief, as my new dog flew through the air,
and landed on his feet in the middle of the road.
We were going about 25 kms per hour when he jumped.
I was still in shock, and sure, by the way I saw him land,
that he broke all of his legs.

He was laying on the side of the road just looking at me, not whimpering, or making a noise. He just sat there looking at me.
When I bent over to pick him up, I felt his legs, and all seemed fine but one. My family and I carried him into the veterinary hospital and we discussed the possibilities of metal plates for Cain in his leg. This was before they did the X rays on him. We got a phone call after Cain's X rays, and were informed that his rear, right leg was broken in at least 10 spots, and that his hip was toast, and there was major nerve damage to that leg. He said fixing the leg was not an option.

I was kind of in disbelief. The Dr. told me that amputation for a dog his age is not uncommon at all. I felt awful. I had 2 hours to make the decision to amputate the leg, or to put the dog down. Since I am writing this letter, I'm sure you know what choice I made.

When I picked him up 4 days later and he hobbled out, I cried.
I felt so awful, he looked so awkward, and he looked so sad. Unbelievably enough....that was only 14 days ago.

Kita is a little rough with him, and he's still a little bit unbalanced, but I absolutely cannot believe the way this animal has adapted to losing a limb. He runs (kind of) he loves, and licks, and plays.
Shaking a paw is a bit tricky, but he still tries his best.

I am totally shocked, and surprised by the way an animal's survival instincts kick in. I'd still be pouting in my room if that were me, and this dog of mine is out playing, and chewing bones and chasing chickens, and playing with his girlfriend.

The word Amputation alone is enough to make someone cringe.
But with a dog, it really isn't that bad, and when you consider the alternative... not being around...It really isn't so bad.

I will update you all later on Cain and his progress.
Thanks and have a nice day!!!

M, Q, K, and Cain and Kita Vigneux
Saturday September 29, 2007


Hi there,
Megapixel (Meg) is a 4 year old Dalmatian that I rescued about 2.5 years ago. She was very thin, and I knew I wanted her as soon as I saw her!

4 Days ago while our family was on holiday, a neighbor took Meg and Jack, 5 months, (Jack Russell x Bichon) for a walk. Unfortunately, Meg slipped from her collar and ran across the road, straight into a car. Her left front leg was shattered in at least 4 places (that I could later see) and they took her straight to our vet. It was 2 days later that I first saw her, and I was not prepared for the sight of her leg. Boy her tail wagged tho, she was so happy to see me!!

Yesterday - on my birthday, mind you - I made the hard decision to have her leg amputated (I have 4 young children and not a lot of money). I saw her this morning and she seemed to be very bright and had toileted just fine.

I hope I made the right decision, but I guess only time will tell. It has been great to read success stories about other 3-leggers.

Many thanks,

Janine Hines
Tuesday October 9, 2007

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