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My name is Abby.
When I was 2 months old I was found wandering along a country road, scared and all alone. A really nice person found me and brought me to the local Central Dakota Humane Society, where they and a good Vet tried to save my badly damaged right front leg...

After 3 months of surgeries and medicine I was unable to heal, so on New Year's Eve 2006 they amputated my leg.

I lived and played at the shelter the whole time I was trying to heal, and one day in January, a volunteer named Sharene stopped in to help out, she saw me laying behind the counter and looked at the director of the shelter and told her "When Abby is healthy enough I want her to come live with me." It took another 2 1/2 months before the Vet cleared me to be adopted, and 3 or 4 times a week Sharene and her family would come out to the shelter and walk me and play with me for hours.

It has been almost 7 months since I have been a part of a family who loves and spoils me daily. I follow her EVERYWHERE, and she lets me go with her most of the time. For some reason I guess dogs are not allowed in grocery stores and the malls?!?

We go to dog parks and long walks and I even go boating on Saturdays and Sundays.

I just wanted to let whoever abandoned me know that I am safe and happy!

I also would like to thank all the people who donate money and time to their local shelters, because without you, a lot of abandoned animals would not stand a chance.

Abby Road and her Mom Sharene
Tuesday October 9, 2007


Hi Cassie,

My name is Trixie and I'm a 2 year old toy poodle
who has just been adopted by a loving human Mum.

I came from a horrible place
where I was kept in a cage all the time
and never got to see anyone.

It's hard to see under all my curls,
but I'm missing my front right leg;
it's a partial amputation that appears to have been
amputated from the first joint.

No one knows how or why I lost this leg
and my new Mum's vet thinks that it was done at home by someone.........

My Mum wishes I could tell them what happened to me.

Well now I'm living the life;
my Mum loves me regardless,
and she has never had a "tripod" dog before,
so she is trying to learn things about looking after me.

I'm also learning all about this thing called "playing,"
I hadn't done it before, and I'm liking it so very much............

I have just had my first hair cut, and boy do I feel great;
nothing like a day at the salon to lift a girl's spirits,
Mum keeps telling me I'm so beautiful.

I saw myself in the mirror and had to bark,
as I didn't even think it was me;
all that dead dry matted hair is gone
and I'm not scratching anymore, either.

My Mum and I would love to join your club,
we live in Tasmania, Australia.

Here are a couple of pictures of me with my new hair do...

Take care,

Tuesday October 16,2007

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