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Hello, I'm Beth
My dog Bo is getting his front left leg taken off tomorrow.
I need help coping with this; my family has been really shaken by this event. Yesterday, we woke up to my dad screaming about Bo's broken leg and that we need to hurry outside and help.

The poor dog must have broken his leg during the night
by falling into a hole. The past few hours have been pretty bad.

My other dog, Bingo, had another of his seizures because he was too worried about Bo to take his medication last night.

My other dog, Wally, who plays with Bo a lot, is worried
and is howling, barking, and shaking!
The rest of us are very quiet about this news.
He'll be back on Tuesday.

I'm sorry I don't have much more of a story, or a photo.

Sunday December 2, 2007

Don't worry, Bingo won't hurt Bo, he is nearly 10 years old
and very gentle with every dog he meets.
Wally is the one I'm worried about, he's a very small dog,
but he loves to play and has tons of energy.
I'll give this information to my parents.
They'll be happy to know what they can do to make Bo's life easier.

Monday December 3, 2007

Sorry I haven't emailed you,
I've been so busy taking care of Bo.
He's doing just fine, we even took him for a walk.
Here's a picture of him, he's very happy and so is Bingo.
Though I can't say the same for Wally, he's very afraid of him because he's so different, and Bo doesn't like him much either, for the way Wally has been treating him lately.
What do you think this means?
Anyway, about the photos, as I'm sitting here,
Bo is trying to look at them.
The last one is before the operation,
the first two are after.

Sunday December 9, 2007


We recently joined the three legged dog owner's club with our Golden Retriever.

Seven years ago, we were blessed to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy.

Three weeks ago, he started limping around, holding his right front leg up. What I thought was a minor sprain turned out to be osteosarcoma in his wrist joint.

Two weeks later, we were pretty much forced to have his right front leg amputated. That was Wednesday December 12, 2007.

Two days later, he is already going up and down stairs, jumping onto our bed, and acting like he did before he got sick. While we realize that this is just a temporary solution, we are blessed knowing that he is now comfortable.

Enclosed are "before" and "after" pictures.
Thanks for the great site!

Mike Ellis
Friday December 14, 2007

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