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My name is Margret and I am the proud mom to furry Sally.
I have had and loved Sally for 14 years now.
She has always been determined, strong minded, feisty, and oh-so-cute.

About 2 weeks ago, Sally started to limp
and I at first I thought she had sprained her foot
running around in the dog run,
but as the week progressed, so did the limp.

When I finally took her to the vet,
X-rays confirmed she had Osteosarcoma in her front left leg.

It was advised that the leg be removed immediately,
so after a second opinion with an Oncologist,
I took $10,000 out of my 401K knowing this was not a decision
but something that just needed to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Sally came home on the second day and is becoming more and more herself.

She is walking already with only a slight problem at the 2 front steps
to my building and getting into the elevator where there is a 2-inch gap
between the floor and the elevator.

She is so brave and looks forward to her walks
where my little social butterfly waits for people and dogs alike
to stop and make a fuss over her.

On the advice of an animal communication friend,
we are both taking it one day at a time.

She will be going through her 8 weeks of Chemo,
as well as Saturday I am bringing her to the holistic vet
who saved her life 3 years ago
when she had her spleen and a cancerous tumor removed.

Her vet only gave her a year,
but now 3 years later,
we are faced with our next challenge.

Sally seems to be accepting and grand about her new way of existence.

I am following her lead and learning from her that the handicap
is only as much as you make of it...or not.

I said jokingly to my friend the other day,
"Well, I won't have to worry about her jumping on the table any longer,
to steal food."

(but guess what she tried to do, today?)

This girl is my love and my life,
and at 14, she has showed how remarkable she truly is.

I am by her side every step of the way
and am totally committed to her,
to do what needs to be done for her.

Click HERE for pictures of Sally at the hospital and on her way home, and at home with her brother Hershey.

Thought you would get a kick from our Christmas card 2007.

Strange, if you look closely. I am holding her bad leg so tight;
of course, we did not know anything was wrong yet;
but, it's as if I knew.


Monday January 21, 2008


Its at this time I cannot be embarrassed.

It's quite humbling.

I have lost my job after 21 years

and my Sally needs your help desperately.

Please Click HERE to help save her life.

Thursday February 21, 2008


YAY, YAY and YAY, is all I can say to Cassie's Three Legged Dog Club.

I adopted my, well, 3 1/2 legged Pit Bull from a wonderful organization called OUT OF THE PITS.

This boy was left at one week old by breeders who knew his front left leg was severely underdeveloped.

If he had not been adopted, he was a candidate for being put down.
The team at Out of the Pits were determined to find him a home, in lieu of that alternative.

When I saw the first photos of this adorable boy,
there was NO way I could keep him out of my thoughts.
Upon his first visitation to my home at 11 weeks old, he never returned to the shelter, but instead became one of the most loved and cherished members of my family.

I have had Riley for 4 years now, and though he still has his front left leg, seeing a group like this eases my mind as I approach the possibility that as Riley gets older, surgery may be something necessary for his health in the long run.

He limps happily along, however, thinking nothing of the strangers who pass by and marvel at his gait.

The more I hear "what's WRONG with him?" I just remember how people rarely get to experience the kind of love I share with my best pal Riley, and they must not understand that he is special, not WRONG, in any way.

Thank you for seeing the beauty in a these animals and how the love they give is almost stronger than most normal pets.

Click HERE to see Riley's petpop page!

Mary Dail
Friday January 25, 2008

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