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Here is the story of our wonderful Twig.
She was found on the side of the road when she was about 7 months old and had obviously been hit by a car.

She was taken to a local shelter and they put her in a kennel overnight and tried to decide what to do with her.

A woman, a true friend to animals, was there volunteering and offered to pay for her vet care (leg amputation) and then take her home.

The woman owns a large Clydesdale farm and took time out of her busy life to nurse Twig (then named Peggy) back to health after they amputated her rear right leg.

She helped the young, scared and painful dog through the most difficult part of her recovery... having to re-learn basic daily tasks.

However, after only 2 weeks Twig began to adjust and her pain started to go away. She was vivacious and full of life...a little too full!

As time went on, it was obvious Twig did not know fear and was a little too careless around the very large horses.

This woman truly loved Twig and loved her enough to know this was probably not the best home for her.

It takes a very loving person to put the animals' interests first.
It was one month after her surgery when I entered the picture.
I am an equine veterinary assistant and this woman was one of our clients. She called upon us to find this dog an appropriate (and carefully chosen) home. It just so happens that I do not own horses myself, and my older lab, Anchor, was ready for a little buddy that wouldn't demand too much from him physically. The two hit it off like old friends!

Anchor taught Twig how to swim in the great lakes of Michigan and they enjoyed almost two years together before Anchor passed away.
We now have a little Catahoula pup (Dally) who keeps Twig on her toes!
They play constantly and enjoy spending time outdoors with us.
Twig loves to come rollerblading, and in fact, she goes so fast my fiance has to take her...I can't keep up!

She also joins us snow shoeing and swimming and she likes to watch her "dad" play softball. People constantly are surprised when they finally realize she only has three legs.

The most common question we get is "how can she do all of those things with only three legs?" I always respond by telling people "she can, because no one told her she couldn't!" We love our little Twiggy and could not imagine being without her.

She is an inspiration on how to truly enjoy life!

We don't limit her, but we do our best to keep her healthy.
Her nails are trimmed regularly, she sees a chiropractor every two weeks, she takes a joint supplement and we keep her weight under control.

We also feel that keeping her fit physically is only part of it; she must enjoy life, as well.

And that, she an expert!

Mindy Sparapani
Thursday January 31, 2008


I thought you might want to know about one of my "cover boys,"
K9 Serpico Wolfgang Krugel.

He has three legs.

He is a LAPD K-9 who is pictured on the back of my eighth book,
"Badge On My Collar: A Chronicle of Courageous Canines."

He was shot in a drug raid in Los Angeles.

I have just gotten back from L.A. where I met with Serpico's handler,
Alan Louis Krugel, and all his K-9s.

He will be writing a total of six K-9 books.
His first, "The K-9 Chronicles," is currently being made into a movie,
and that movie is about Serpico.

Click HERE to watch a video of Serpico and Alan.

We have the same publisher, and we hope to work together to give attention to all these noble dogs. Click HERE If you want to learn more about Serpico.

Marilyn Jeffers Walton
Tuesday February 5, 2008

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