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I just came across your site.
I am happy to ask to join.

My little (4 pound) HAIRLESS, Chinese Crested dog, Minnie Moe,
just had to have her front leg amputated.

She fell off the couch last Sunday evening
and fractured her right front leg; both bones,
right above her wrist joint.

My Vet tried to set the bones, but due to the location
and severe angle of the break, was unable to do so.

I opted for amputation instead of euthanasia.

Minnie had her surgery on Tuesday and I brought her home Wednesday.

Today is only Friday, and already she is zipping around
like she has always been three-legged!

Of course, she is not allowed on the couch without CLOSE supervision (harness and leashed too).

I removed the doggie steps up to the couch so as to eliminate any possibility of an unsupervised couch travel. But otherwise, all is going very well.

Minnie is such a little trouper!

The folks at the Vet's office were totally surprised by how sweet and gentle little Minnie was, during the whole tragic episode.

She never once was snappy or fearful with them during all the handling before, during or after her operation.

When they brought her out to me, she just snuggled her head against my neck and let out a huge sigh and closed her eyes, but her tail was going a mile a minute!

When the Vet came over to say bye-bye to her,
Minnie Moe reached out and licked the Vet's nose,
as if to say "I don't blame you"... the Vet's eyes misted up.

I have sewn up several infant (preemie size) sleepers to fit Minnie Moe
(with the appropriate-placed, girl doggie potty holes cut out, of course!)

Minnie Moe's incisions appear to be healing well.
We go back to the Vet's the end of next week for a re-check.
I started her on vitamin/mineral/calcium supplements
to help protect her bones (remaining front leg).

I love my little Minnie Moe very much!

Judy W. in California
Friday February 8, 2008


Carver is a 12 1/2 year old Lab-Shepherd-Border Collie mix
I adopted as a puppy from a shelter in Vermont.
He has been with me my whole adult life.

Carver has been limping for a year now.
He is 12 1/2, so I assumed this was par for the course.
He was first diagnosed with severe arthritis in the right front leg.
We had been looking for a vet closer to our home,
since Carver was growing older and needed more frequent care.

When he began limping on his left leg,
we tried a new vet down the street from our house.
She said he did not show any signs of arthritis,
and thought it might be Lyme disease.

We treated him with a month long course of antibiotics for the Lyme,
but he did not show any progress.

This prompted us to take him to Dr. W, a vet we trust and love,
but whose practice is far from our home.

He prescribed 2 weeks bed rest with an anti inflammatory,
and if we didn't see improvement, we could do more testing.
He did improve for a time, and we felt like he was doing well.

Around Christmas time this year, Carver's limp returned,
this time much more pronounced; I assumed he had injured his leg
and that bed rest would do the trick.

Being a pastry chef, I was in the midst of my busiest season at work,
and put off going to the vet until after the holiday.

We made an appointment with a vet who we had never seen before,
but who was closer to our house (what was I thinking?)

It was this new vet who diagnosed Carver with osteosarcoma.

She told us he had a week or two to live,
and that the right thing to do would be to put him down.

Needless to say, we were devastated.

After going home and doing some research,
we called Dr. W. to ask for a second opinion.

We asked him if he thought Carver might be eligible for an amputation.
He was open and encouraging and told us to make an appointment
with him the following week.

I was really scared to hear what Dr. W. had to say,
(we felt more confident, having been the one to speak to him on the phone), but thankfully, Carver's lung x-rays were clean
and his blood work was excellent, and the Dr. thought the surgery was worth doing.

Carver's surgery was at the end of January, 3 weeks ago.

He is making a remarkable recovery, adapting to life with three legs.
He is already up and running, enjoying all his time outside.
Every day he is stronger and more like himself.

We are deeply grateful for this extra time to spend with him.
We want the rest of his life to be as wonderful as it can be,
and to keep him as pain free as possible.

Carver is a wonder!
Go, carver!
Click HERE for Carver's awesome blog detailing his surgery and recovery.

Louise Miller
Sunday February 10, 2008

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