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Value Jet

This pointer wandered into my spread
as a big, scared puppy no one seemed to want.
So I named him Value.

When I clocked him running about 30 m.p.h., I added Jet.

Value Jet has been my best friend for over ten years.

He loves going out with me to photograph nature
in The Blue Ridge Mountains where we live.

He started limping about a year ago.

I thought it was just a sprain or pulled tendon
when x-rays showed nothing.

About two months ago,
the limp became worse and a lump was growing on his foot.

A bone graft showed bone cancer,
after more x-rays which showed bone deterioration.

After removal of the tumor,
antibiotics didn't help,
nor a Chinese herb my wife, a doctor in China, gave.

The tumors got real bad.

Further x-rays revealed no spread of this - the worse cancer,
so amputation was successfully done.

Value Jet was walking the second day;
running, by the fourth.

We just had chemo two days ago,
and he never got sick and eats like a horse...

Value will continue to fly.

Value Jet is an outstanding dog.

He saved my life when I fell down my outside stairs...
broke 6 ribs and was knocked out, laying in the snow at night...

Value licked me awake!

We are headed to Florida right now for a vacation.
There is a beautiful beach in Bonita Springs just for DOGS.

Ying and Bruce Slaugenhaupt
Morganton, Georgia
Wednesday March 5, 2008


My name is Mat Crumbley and my beautiful Husky/Lab mix's name
is Sabrina Oslo Clover Quinn. She's "Sabrina," for short.

I am a veterinary technician/pre-veterinary student in Atlanta, GA.
We do a lot of work for the Georgia Humane Society and recently employed the president of the Humane Society, Michelle Humphries.

Her mother, Donna, came in with Sabrina (ex-Tanner)
to leave her with us for the day.

Donna told me that Sabrina had been picked up on the side of the road last October with her back left leg severely broken and it was assumed that she had been hit by a car.

They took her to a veterinarian who told them that the leg must be amputated.

Shortly after the surgery, she was placed in a home with a small child.

The fosters felt apprehensive about placing her with such a small child, but did anyway.

The child terrorized poor Sabrina; pushing, pulling, hitting.
The family decided to return the dog.

Donna dropped of the dog for the day because our clinic is a halfway point between the ex-owners and Michelle's house. Michelle was then to pick up the dog later in the afternoon.

Of course, I immediately fell in love.

I called Michelle and asked her to bring the necessary adoption papers when she came, but asked her to hold on to her for me because I am
in the process of moving to Milwaukee, WI.

Next week, Sabrina and I will be moving into our spacious new apartment on Lake Michigan to start our exciting adventure together.

I'm so lucky to have such a sweet dog.

More pictures to come!!!

Mat Crumbley
Monday March 17, 2008

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