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My name is Scratchy, I am a 6 year old Jack Russell Cross.
I have just come home from having my rear right leg amputated,
as a result of being attacked by another dog.

My bone in my leg was cleanly broken when the other dog clamped its jaws on me. The only other alternative was to have a pin put in at a cost of $3000, which my owners could simply not afford.

I am feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment, but I have managed to get around a bit and hopefully I will be chasing balls again in no time.

After a comfortable nights sleep, Scratchy is getting around a fair bit and seems quite hungry. I have been feeding her little bits at a time, mostly sympathy treats.

Better be careful that she doesn't get too fat!

I took this picture a few minutes ago.
I am sure in no time she will be chasing her ball again.
It takes a heck of a lot to keep this gal down!


The Ramsay Family
Wednesday April 2, 2008


Well, this is Brutus.
He is one of our pride and joys.

Story on him:

He was my neighbor's dog whom they brought home as a pup
because someone was going to shoot him in the head.

They took Brutus home, but neglected him by not giving him the proper care. No tags, no collar, no shelter, no vaccinations.

He would spend his days at our house, and in the evening run back home. This was a daily thing!

I looked forward to seeing him every morning at 7am
at my front door, waiting to come in.

Many days, Brutus would try to follow me to work, by running after my car. I would have to stop, bring him home, and take off like a bat out of h*ll to try to beat him.

One day, not knowing, he did manage to follow me,
and a different neighbor called me at work to tell me
that Brutus was hit by a car and where he was located at the vet hospital.

I left work, went to the vet, and there he lied in a cage,
unable to move his left front leg.

I sat with him for an hour feeding him baby food,
because the vet tech's there told me that he would not eat or drink.

He did for me, though.

I told them of who owned him, and they contacted my neighbors,
only to find out that they said, "that is not our dog, just put him down."

With tears in my eyes, they were going to proceed with the euthanization and I told them NO!!

I took over ownership and paid for his amputation and nursed him back to health.

This was 4yrs ago.

He is VERY healthy and happy!
He outruns my other dogs, and most other dogs that come to visit.
He is a blessing and has made our life a fulfilled one!

Mrs. Heidi Martin
Friday April 4, 2008

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