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I'm Oliver. I'm a three-year-old lab/husky mix.
I was adopted last year after I was removed from my "before home."

I kept getting loose and there were these giant "street squirrels"
that I would love to chase, they would zoom down the road and I'm always up for a game of chase.

I never caught one though, but one caught me...Twice, in fact.
It really hurt :(

My "before" parents left me in the back yard
with a broken leg and a dented head for a long time.

Then I went to a scary place where there were a lot of other dogs that barked all the time.

I lived in a small cell for a few days,
and then one day I got really tired and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I felt different somehow.
Like something was missing.
And then I saw it... Or rather, I didn't see it...
My broken leg was gone!

I tried standing up and it was hard at first, I felt wobbly like a baby giraffe. But I kept on trying, and got stronger.

And one day, my now mom and dad came to see me.
They said I was the most handsome dog they've ever seen!
I told them that I was so "handsome" because I only had "some hands." Ha ha.

They took me home with them, and I've been a happy boy ever since.

I don't mind only having one front paw, because of all the people who stop to say hello to me when I go on walks.

I love attention!

Mom and dad don't feel sorry for me or treat me any different,
and neither do other dogs. I can still run with three paws (I'm *very* fast), I can still swim with three paws, and I can even pee on two paws!
And having three paws makes for easier tummy access for belly rubs!

Lindsay Rochelle
Wednesday July 9, 2008


Hi -
just doing one of those randlom 'google's... and your site came up..! We have an 11/12-ish black & tan Terrier crossbreed, with ....yup.... 3 legs!

He's a little star and every vet who has ever seen him has said 'my God, what a dog,' or some such comment..!

He's ended up being very spoilt - he always goes for the sympathy vote - and in reality, he's a stuborn little piglet who knows how to work a crowd!!

We have 3 dogs in total - and by age, status etc., he really, truly is NOT top dog - but try telling him that!!

Our Django is a bit of a 'one.' He does this 'come on if you think you're hard enough' thing with other dogs - dogs or bitches - postures himself - lets them have a good sniff - then goes for their throats!!

He really is a dog in a million - we'll never have one like him again - he's a dog in a lifetime...

If you or any of your members are on 'facebook', he has a fanclub - 'The Django Fanclub' - in 'groups' - if you'd like to join...!!

Melissa Gray
Friday July 11, 2008

We got him from Manchester Dogs' Home when he was still in quarantine having just had his (front left) amputation.

He was an escapee who got run over - someone called the RSPCA - they suspected it might've been his owner who thought it was going to cost him a lot of money (shame) - they amputated straight away and farmed him out to the dogs home to recover.

They didn't have much 'stock' when we went, but we said we wanted an older dog who badly needed rehoming.

Well, it turned into a 'nudge nudge wink wink' Monty Python sketch, as the guy at the home started mumbling about... 'Well, I er... have something a bit special 'round the back, if you're interested, like...'

'Course, the second we saw him, with his little shoulder all pink with his stitches just out, grunting with pain when he hopped about, we both started to cry and said - right, we'll have him!

The guy tried to knock 25% off the adoption fee, but we insisted on paying full price!!!

He's a fab little stinker - 11-ish now - vet says he'll go on 'til he's 19 or 20, he's so fit. I hope so - we love him to bits.

We have 2 other dogs, and they all really look out for each other!

Anyway, I'll shut up now, and get on with joining 'Cassie's Club'!

Melissa Gray
Monday July 14, 2008

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