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I am the proud person of Otis, the tri-pug!

Otis is 21 months old, and was injured by one of my horses in a freak accident when he was three months old.

The right front elbow was shattered, and the vets did 3 surgeries attempting to save the leg.

This made him non weight-bearing for almost 3 months,
so he is well bonded to me.

After 3 months, however, the conclusion was that the soft puppy bone simply would not hold, so we amputated the right front.

Within 12 hours he was hopping around, pain free and happy as can be. The greatest relief for me was the obvious lack of pain.

Being a pug, Otis has a tendency to gain weight just by smelling food, so we are in the process of having a custom front wheeled cart made for him by Eddie's Wheels.

This way, he will be better able to exercise and get around without becoming exhausted.

He is a real horse-show dog, and has his own golf cart where he rides in style. He is looking forward to the wheels.

I train horses, and we actually have a swimming pool in my town for horses and dogs. it is fantastic rehab work for both.

I agree about the damage down the road..... we see the same resultant arthritic changes in the show horses.

The horse swim center is really cool.

The horses are walked down a ramp till they reach deep water, then they swim while the handler holds a leadrope and walks around a catwalk. the dog pool is smaller, and there is even an underwater treadmill.

Cynthia, this is our local swim center.
Click Here to check it out...
Their programs for dogs and horses are pretty cool.

Here's a pic of Otis and his brother who flew up in June from Florida
for the horse show. They have such a great time together, and Milo cuts him NO slack!

Thanks for being there for the handi-abled.

Katy Spier & Otis
Friday July 18, 2008


Hi Cassie, my name is Polly.
I'm eleven years old, and I am a Beagle/Pointer Mix.
On June 11th, I lost my right front leg to cancer.

I had a wonderful Doctor whose name is Dr. Hammett.
He saved my life so I can spend more time with my boy Dale,
who has not left my side since my surgery.

My family adopted me a long time ago from an animal rescue group.
Soon after my family got me, my dad discovered that I can hold things like a human and they swear that I have thumbs; that's how I can hold things in my paws, and climb fences, like a super dog.

Although I'm still recovering and learning how to walk and run again,
I know with the love and support of my family, I will have a new normal life. I will send you pictures of my recovery.

Thursday June 19, 2008


It's me again with a picture of Polly, 5 weeks after the surgery.
She is doing real good and is getting back on her feet.
We think that this pic shows her pride and how awesome she is.
The picture was taken outside and that was the best place I could find for a dog like her.

Dale Meek
Saturday July 19, 2008

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