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Hi, my name is Quila (short for Tequila).

I was knocked over by a car when I was 8 weeks old and my previous parents didn't have enough money to take me to a Vet.

After a couple of very painful days, I was rescued by a lady who saw my swollen red bleeding leg, and the doctor had no choice but to amputate my left back leg.

I was then taken to an animal shelter (DARG) where I was then adopted by my new parents.

I now have a brother (Oscar, a German Shepherd)
and live with 2 cats who I love very much.

My parents take me to Doggie Hydrotherapy every week
so I can strengthen my back leg.

I also swim in our swimming pool at home ALL the time.

I live in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
and I love running on the beach and swimming in the sea.

It's so good to see how all other 3-legged-dogs are loved
and cared for all over the world, just like me.

Thank you!

Attached are pictures of me:

(1) when I was only 3 months old,
the day I was adopted by my new family

(2) & (3) pictures of me having a ball of a time at hydrotherapy.

Martina Dorfer
Monday September 1, 2008


We met little jasmine through friends,
who had a lot on their plate already..

2 small kids, new business, and trying to build a house.

We already had Jasmine's brother, Enzo,
and when we found out that her friends were going to try
and find her a new home, we offered to take her.

She had spent the first year of her life under a mobile home
and was very much an outdoor dog!

She was hit by a car before we got her.

The leg was saved, but was like a piece of wood, hanging from her.

We all decided that she would be better without it,
and she's never looked back.

She's not as quick as her brother -
but she never gives up on a chase for a tennis ball!

Enzo will usually get the ball first,
but always drops it for Jazz to bring it back to me.

She loves swimming
she loves attention
she loves tennis balls!

known affectionately as "Tripod" or "Sawn-off"!!

I hope you like these pics!

West Ireland
Wednesday September 17, 2008

Hello Cynthia!

A few pics of little Jasmine, in all her 3 legged glory!

Your member number 199 made me laugh heartily
when he wrote "He was 25% off"!

keep up the good work!
Love to Cassie!

Kerry Ireland
Thursday September 18, 2008

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