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I have a dog who had an amputation on Sept. 17th.
My girl Flare is an active, outgoing, non-stop Border Collie.
Flare is a flipping dog, and I mean that literally.
Flare loves to do back flips in the air,
or off things like walls, etc.

Flare somehow hooked her foot on chain link fence and was hung up. We were out of town and had people coming in through the day to check up on some of our dogs.

Poor Flare was in a pickle and had to be rushed to the emergency vet clinic. After a month and a half of wrapping and trying to save as much of her foot as possible, we have decided it is not going to heal in a way that she would have a usable foot and we believe she would heal faster and be back to normal sooner if we amputate mid-femur.

It has been a hard decision, but our girl has been so great over the last month and a half.

We have had to wrap her foot every other day to keep the growing tissue, because it bleeds so much.

I know all these wrappings make her foot sore, but she just lays down, holds her foot up for me and doesn't make a fuss at all.

(Bless her heart; she is way better than I would be!)

I look forward to Flare being back to normal as possible soon.

Flare is getting very stir crazy now, being kept up and not being able to run and play with her doggie friends because we have to keep her from bumping her foot.

I am sure Flare will adjust well to the amputation and be back to running around with our other Border Collies and watching out for the sheep.

Trish Boswell
G-Force Border Collies
Border Collie Friends Group
Dogs in Asia
Monday September 22, 2008


My name is Juju and I am a 6-year-old Schipperke.

My mommy and daddy (Karin and Kevin) rescued me when I was 1
from a couple who were moving out of the country and wanted me out of the abusive home of the remaining family here.

I loved mommy right away; but since I hate men,
it took me 8 months to love my daddy.

I have a sister named Stella that is a 7-year-old Dalmatian mix.
When I was a little baby, I broke my leg.

It must have been bad, because I had a steel plate and 4 screws put in. Mommy and daddy didn't know about that until I had my leg under the recliner and it was broken again. Daddy thought I was clear, but I wasn't.

X-rays showed the plate and screws, so doc said only 50% chance of healing. 8 1/2 weeks of cast and that stupid cone and it didn't heal.

On September 11, 2008 a doctor removed my right front leg and it hurt! Today I got my bandages off, stitches out, and that darn cone is finally gone! Free to lick and scratch!!!

I am learning to do all of the things I did before,
but I heard the doc tell Mommy that I shouldn't be jumping on and off the bed and the couches.

(I'm still going to, though!!)

Karin and Kevin
Thursday September 25, 2008

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