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My name is Derrelle and I have a three-legged dog
named Oliver Oxford....but everyone calls him Oli!

Oliver lost his leg in October 2006.

He was found roaming the streets of Newport News Virginia
and was picked up by animal services and taken to
Boulevard Veterinary Clinic where I was working at the time.

He came in with a mass swelling in his right shoulder
and punctures in his lower leg.

His leg had been broken and was healing in the wrong way.

The decision was made to amputate from the shoulder down
and my clinic took on the cost, which would have been close to $3000.00.

Oliver is a bright and happy boy who is very loving and grateful
to have a great life and a big family that loves him!

He has also adjusted extremely well having only three legs,
and I would say is faster on three legs then most dogs are with four!!!

We now reside in Sunny South Florida where he can take a swim in the ocean which he loves....

Of course, with me by his side. :)

Best Regards,

Derrelle Gable
Thursday October 9, 2008


Roxie is a 5-month old Boxer mix that was found as a stray
with a broken leg.

My husband and I took her to an orthopedic surgeon to see if we could get her leg fixed, but they were unable to save the leg.

She gets around great, and is a very happy and healthy puppy in every other way.

She is not in any pain, and doesn't seem to notice that the leg is even gone.

Thanks for starting this great site!!

Paige McConnell
Tuesday October 14, 2008

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