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Hi Cassie's Club,
First I would like to say this is a wonderful resource
for us "parents of three legged wonders."

I would like to tell you a little about my dog Mattie, she is a Black Lab.
She lost her leg in an accident when she was 8 months old.
She injured her leg and damaged the bundle of nerves under the armpit on her front left leg. It was paralyzed.

Long story short...after two weeks of medication, sedation and rest, the decision to amputate was an easy one for me to make, as odd as that sounds. Two surgeries later and Mattie is great.

She is now 6 years old and does everything a normal dog could do.
Although she has began to slow down, gets tired more easily and is very sore after a day of playing with other dogs.

I am planning on buying her a harness with a handle on top of it
so I can help her when she is struggling. While walking her last week, a man says this: "Well I guess her 4 wheel drive is out, huh?"

She loves to swim, lay in mud holes, loves to eat and spend time with her mamma.

She is a wonderful dog and everyone just loves her.

Again, thank you so much for this web site.

Since she has started to have issues I have began a hunt for information from others that will help her make the most of the rest of her years.

Katie Porter
Huntington, WV
Sunday October 5, 2008


My dog Logan was hit by a car about 8 months ago.
He was only about 1 year old.

Right after it happened, I was encouraged to put him to sleep,
because he would need to lose one or 2 of his legs.

I was a college student and it was assumed I wouldn't care enough to pay for his medical care.

I Googled something like "handicapped dogs" and came across your website.

My dog ended up only losing 1 leg and is doing great.

I just came across your website again and remembered
how much better it made me feel right after his accident.

I got him from a shelter in California and have since moved back home to Massachusetts. He gets tired much more easily than he used to,
but he still loves going for walks and playing at the beach.

Sometimes people stare at him and teenagers laugh at him,
but I think he's even more unique and beautiful than I did beforehand.

The only problem is, he now hates other dogs, because at first he'd try to play with them and get knocked down, so now he won't have anything to do with them, which can be hard at times.

Anyway, attached are some pictures. Thanks, guys!!!

Sara Jenike
Newburyport, MA
Monday October 6, 2008

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