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I adopted Deeter (German meaning warrior of the people)
from a rescue shelter when he was about five months old.
He had a partial front leg when the rescue center got him
and had no idea what happened to him.

He has a line going around between his upper torso and neck
where hair will not grow so I assume he must have been hurt badly as a young puppy.

He has been doing wonderfully with three legs and a partial that he just swings back and forth until recently when while playing with another dog, the other dog grabbed his nub and hurt him. Tomorrow we go to have his nub amputated, but leaving his shoulder intact. Hopefully things will go well.

Since he is already used to only having three legs he can use, I hope recovery from surgery will be easy for him.

I was very surprised and happy to see a website devoted to three legged dogs. I will try to update you on Deeter's progress.

Thursday February 26, 2009

Pretty Boy

Hi my name is Brandy and my dog is 12 yrs old.
His name is Pretty Boy.
I have had him since he was 3 weeks old.
I got him from the local animal shelter.
Monday March 9, 2009 he will be having his amputation.
He was hit by a car and it is his front left leg.

I was researching information about 3 legged dogs and what to expect. Your site is one of the best I have read and would love to be a member. Thanks for the info and your time ..
Please Click Here to see my blog where I post updates about him.

Friday March 6, 2009


Good morning Cynthia,
Hope you're doing great.
Pretty Boy has gone through the Amputation of his leg just fine. He is coming home today, Tuesday March 10, 2009. Everything went good and all blood work turned out real good. No problems with surgery and heart worm test is Negative. I called the Vet and asked them how he was doing and when I can come and pick him up. The Vet said that he is already walking around this morning and I can come and get him after 2 pm today. Thank god.
I will update our story and add pictures as I can.
Thank you for listening and caring.

Tuesday March 10, 2009

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