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My husband and I are suckers for animals in need.
We try to only provide for animals that no one else would want.
We saw an ad about a beautiful lab with only 3 legs.
We decided to go meet her and ended up adopting her.

She is great....though she needs TRAINING.
We are working hard at that.
Sometimes I feel like I got in over our head
since I am trying to get pregnant,
but I know we can provide a better home than the
foster home she had been living in.

I have her enrolled in Group Training at a dog store
and am looking for more one on one training.
We hope to get her trained before we have a child
so she is and will be a great family member for our menagerie.
If I can only get her to stop chasing the cats...
Wow, that would be great.

Other than that, she is smart, learns pretty quick,
can out run any dog at the dog park and loves her toys that we got her. She was super easy to crate train which is a relief when we leave so I know she and the cats can't get into it.

In general, I am super thrilled about her in our lives;
we just have to make a few adjustments, since our current dog is very old and not in good health.

Shannon Carlsen
Sunday March 8, 2009


Vinnie, a Pit Bull-Mastiff mix, is two years post-op
for an osteosarcoma in his front right shoulder.

He just celebrated his 14th birthday with pupcakes,
salmon, and hours of rolling around in the park.

Weighing in at just under 100 pounds,
he's the largest front leg amputee we've seen.

With a harness and an ACE bandage on his front left wrist,
he limits the stress on his remaining leg.

He's an inspiration!

Check out more of Vinnie's photos by clicking HERE

Kim Beil
& Vinnie, too!
Thursday March 12, 2009

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