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Ocho is my Idaho Humane Society foster dog.
American Pit Bull Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier Mix
14 months old - male

Ocho has a sad story,
but it doesn't have to define the rest of his life.

He came to the shelter as an abuse case.
He was emaciated and had a dislocated hip/fractured leg.
He was in a foster home for a couple of months,
but unfortunately his left rear leg didn't heal
and it had to be amputated.

Ocho is doing great without the leg!
Ocho loves to play with dogs of all sizes.
He does well with children and cats.
He loves to go for rides in the car and he is housetrained.
He loves to run in the foothills off leash.

Despite having only three legs,
he has no limitations and can run pretty fast.
He has grown out of the typical puppy tendencies,
but is still very playful and needs someone
who can give him lots of love and attention.

He is still a little timid around strangers,
but warms up to them quickly.
He has his own spunky personality that's hard not to love.
Ocho was given his name because he has a brown patch of fur
in the shape of the number 8 on his back.

Ocho is the perfect example of how resilient dogs are.

I will continue to foster Ocho until I find the perfect family for him.
Ocho really enjoys the company of other dogs,
so I would like his new home to have a canine companion for him.

Jenn Graham, Idaho Humane Society Foster Parent
Boise, ID
Tuesday April 7, 2009


This is my dog Dylan.
He will be 8 years old on June 3rd.
I've had him since he was born, because I first had his mum.

Dylan is really special to me because I've grown up with him and he really is my best friend.

He's a very happy dog, and always smiles.
Last year, he got cancer and the vets wanted to put him down,
so we took him to another vet who said he could operate.

When they got in to theatre,
the tumor was all the way down to his bone and muscles,
so they took off his front leg and shoulder.

Since having his operation, he's a different dog.
Sooo much happier, and even plays with his toys, now.

When I found out he was getting his front leg taken off,
I was really worried that he wouldn't be able to do anything, but he has no limitations!

He runs around with my other dog Rocky,
and even runs up and down the stairs.
So we would really love to join your club.

Emma Cairns & Dylan
United Kingdom
Thursday April 9, 2009

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