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January 2009 Newsletter
Animal Welfare of Luxor - Egypt

New Year, New Challenges

Children love puppies, though in such a poor area they are often regarded as toys, only to be discarded when a new puppy comes along.

A major aim of AWOL is the education of children in the care of puppies in order that they grow into well adjusted dogs so that Egyptian families experience the joy and loyalty that a dog can give.

We still have a long way to go, but thanks to AWOL, more and more Egyptian families now have full grown dogs at home, so it is all the more distressing when a family who cares and has 2 really lovely well natured dogs has one hit by a tractor, causing it serious injuries.

AWOL called in local vet Dr Hussain and we discussed with the family that we could deal with the injury to the poor dog's side, but there was little hope of saving the back leg.

So many things had to be considered as she did look quite a mess, but after careful examination and explanation, the Egyptian family insisted that they wanted her saved and were happy to have Lisa with only 3 legs, if that was the course of action that had to be taken. The dog needed medical facilities that are just not available in this area, as we still need more funds in order to build and run the AWOL Medical Centre.

This meant taking her into Luxor and then after the operation, taking her home with AWOL Trustees Pauline and Graham until the wound healed and the stitches were out.

We were really appreciative that the English vet made no charge for her work and AWOL just paid for the anaesthetic, but that bill was 800 Egyptian pounds - or, to put it another way, 3 to 4 months' total income for a typical El Marise family, according to Nasser Hussain, local Councilor for El Marise.

You cannot put a sum of money on the life of a friend; just because the family couldn't afford the operation, Lisa would have to be put to sleep - or worse, die a slow, painful death.

We knew that if she was owned by a European, they would have done anything to save a treasured family pet, as long as there was a good quality of life afterwards. We also knew that the family who own her felt exactly the same, though Egyptians show their feelings in quite a different way, yet their feelings are not so dissimilar to ours.

GREAT NEWS ... Lisa is up and walking, so happy to be back at home and recovering really well. The family are so pleased, as are we all at AWOL. It has been a worrying time for all concerned, but we continue to check on her and support the family as to her special needs with our regular AWOL visits.

We have been visiting Lisa every other day to monitor her progress. The family brush her, are so pleased to have her home and she has looked lovely so we took the camera at the end of the month so that you could see her progress and she had been running through the flooded fields with her two doggy friends so here you can see a muddy, wet but very happy Lisa.

It makes it all worthwhile.

We couldn't finish this month without this uplifting picture of Lisa at home and very much loved.

If you haven't yet read Lisa's story,
then please take a moment to Click Here.
We will keep you informed of Lisa's progress next month.

Dear Cynthia,
Thank you so much. Your website is fantastic.
We are desperately trying to raise the money to build a clinic in Egypt to help dogs like Lisa, and all of the other poor animals.

We are so grateful that you can give us some publicity.

Best wishes and kind regards,
Jan Bennell - Animal Welfare of Luxor, UK Managing Trustee.
Friday March 20, 2009


My name is Jeff Medolla and I found your website - it's great!

Buster is a three-legged Boxer
who has been featured on the news a couple of times.

I adopted him and have given him a wonderful life.

He deserves the best life - considering what he went through.

Have a wonderful day.

Richmond Heights, Missouri
Wednesday March 25, 2009

Please click HERE, to watch Buster's video segment.

Abused three-legged puppy makes comeback
By Jasmine Huda, KSDK

They call him Buster - a common name for a very unique dog.

When we first introduced you to Buster the Boxer,
doctors weren't sure he'd make it.
Months later, Buster has bounced back.

Last summer, the Metro East Humane Society
classified Buster as one of the worst cases
of animal abuse and neglect.

The puppy required several stitches in his head,
and doctors had to amputate one of his front legs.

The sad story prompted Jeff Medolla of Richmond Heights to step in.

"I can't believe there are people who would absolutely be that sick to allow something like that to happen," he said.

Medolla adopted Buster and began to nurse him back to care.

Medolla said taking in Buster was no easy task, in the beginning;
"He was growling at me," Medolla said.
"He did not want me to go by him at all."
"I finally was able to at least go around him enough
to leave with him and put him in my car and bring him home."

But patience paid off; Medolla nursed Buster back to health.

Now, even without a front leg,
Buster is just as strong - if not stronger - than most Boxers his age.

"Caring for him with three legs has not been a big deal at all,
because it's like he has four," Medolla said.

Medolla said one of Buster's favorite activities is to go for walks.

Buster's former owner lived in Edwardsville.

She pleaded guilty last year to animal cruelty
and was ordered by a judge to pay more than $2,400 in restitution.

She was also placed on probation for one year.

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