Three Legged Dog Club
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This is Dhan - we found him at the local humane society - turns out he's a littermate of our other dog - we don't know how he lost the leg but, for the most part, he manages just fine... thanks for setting up this club...

James & Carolyn
Toronto, Canada

My dog Emmett was hit by a car on New Year's Eve. Besides a few scrapes, the only injury was nerve damage to his front right leg. Within two days, he was able to get around with the leg hanging. I tried to make a sling to hold it up, but when it would swing, he would go off balance.

After numerous opinions from different vets and a consult with a neurologist, we decided to amputate the leg. Immediately after the surgery, he was up and about.

Now, six months later he gets around great. He runs at the dog park, sprints up and down the stairs and even swims.

I think that the whole process was more upsetting for me than him. That's Emmett's story.

Cynthia Ross
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