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Hello, I am being fostered the Bassabe's Jun 2009 in Florida.
The JHS records indicated I came from Alabama
and my front left leg was broken.
The shelter in Alabama transferred me to Jacksonville
to see if they could save me.
The vet decided the broken leg could not be saved,
but gave me another chance by becoming a tripod.
I am about a 1 year old Lhasa...
And find the comfort and love of the Bassabe's
might make me want to stay with them. We will see!
The Bassabe's found your site very helpful
and decided to send my story in.
Please help them understand my needs, since they seem
to be good people and live near the beach...Kawabunga!
There are no children in this house, just a hissy cat
that I have to get to know better (declawed).
Most stories of tripods relate to cancer; we hope this short introduction will establish a long term relationship and many days of fun and love for all.

Tuesday June 30, 2009

Little Brother

Little Brother was the runt of his litter.
At 1.5 weeks, his Mother bit off his hind right paw,
all the way to the ankle. The breeder's vet wanted to have
the puppy put down, due to no sale value on the pup
and with the huge problems with hip dysphasia in this type
of dog, it was going to cost the breeder more than the dog
was worth, to the vet. My friend is the breeder and would not let
the vet put him down, and had them try and save as much of the leg
as possible. With his brothers and sister, he was having a difficult
time keeping up and fighting for his portion to eat.
But he was growing and at 6.5 weeks, I took him home.

My friend gave him to my family so that we would give him a good home and now he is thriving. He is happy, but has difficulty walking on
smooth surfaces and does not like areas that are too hot or cold -
such as pavement or tile floor. I think it is due to his "leg"
being sensitive with the nerve ending and no callus formed yet.
Our new vet is a Bully lover and says he is doing great.
We are excited to have him in our house - he definitely has a lot of personality and spirit. He has been extremely easy to house break
and at 8 weeks is almost there. Our family - my husband, me and
our three girls, could not have asked for a better dog.

Alanna Bobulinski
Friday July 3, 2009

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