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I have a story about my beloved "Jewel,"
a 13-year-old female hound mix.
She is my three-legged baby!

Jewel's story:
Hi! My name is Jewel.
I was adopted from the Greenville, SC Humane Society when I was a puppy. I lived in Greenville until my owner went to veterinary school in Athens, GA, and of course, I went with her!

The first year of vet school, I was 7 years old and unfortunately was diagnosed with an invasive, malignant tumor on my right hip.
It went down so deep that I almost needed half of my pelvis taken off, but instead, just my hind limb was amputated.
The day after surgery, I got up and walked!

After I healed, I surprised my owner several times running after cats and she would have to chase me down. Hehe. I thoroughly enjoyed vet school and would occasionally help my owner study at school. I still loved going to the oncology department (they hand out good treats). After vet school, my owner had to get a job and now I live in the north Georgia mountains. I am almost 13 years old now (by the way, without surgery, I had less than 6 months to live). I have arthritis, and my owner has to carry me up steps, but I still love life!

My interests include: Trash cans - clean and dirty ones.
Leading my owner around town, hanging out at any BBQ,
sniffing rears, and snoozing on my airbed.

Jewel Tomlinson
Saturday July 4, 2009


My name is Brian Peeples and I am the proud owner of Sadie,
a three-legged female American bulldog.

I adopted Sadie on January 31, 2009 from the Glynn County Animal Control Center in Brunswick, GA. I was told she was hit by a car and left for dead. Luckily, someone found her and got her the attention she needed.

Unfortunately, the nerve damage in her front left shoulder was so extensive, the leg had to be removed. The employees of the Animal Control Center pooled their money together to pay for her surgery.

My fiancee and I were not planning on adopting a dog at the time, just interested in looking around. When I saw Sadie, though, I immediately fell in love with her.

My family had a dog when I was young that looked exactly like Sadie, excluding the tripod part, and she was a greatly appreciated companion. Having only three legs didn't seem to slow her down much and I thought I was up to the challenge anyway, so we immediately adopted her.

I was told that she had previously been adopted and that the folks brought her back because she was aggressive towards other dogs and cats, but I thought I could work with her, on that.

We bonded from the moment I picked her up and though she was a little aggressive towards my two cats, it only took a couple weeks before she got used to them. Now you would think they were raised together. She can't stand to be away from them!

We live near the pier on St. Simons Island, GA and we take walks around that area daily. Our walks take forever, because we have to stop for the tourists and shop owners to say hello. She loves all the attention.

She absolutely adores children and gets along with them great. She has to meet and lick every kid she sees. My seven year old niece just loves to come visit Sadie. My parents "dog sit" for us when we go out of town and they enjoy having the "granddog" visit them.

Sadie has been an absolute blessing to me and my family.
She is the most outstanding dog and she is so smart.
I could not imagine my life without her now.
Thank you for your wonderful website.

Brian Peeples
Wednesday July 8, 2009

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