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Hello, my dog's name is Gizmo.
He is roughly one year old.
I got him for my 2 kids because they wanted a pet
and swore and promised me they would take care of him.

Well you know how that goes; I'm the one who tends to him,
but that's OK, because we have a special bond together, now.
I got Gizmo from some people down the road who were not treating him very good, and I thought we could make his life better and happier.

Gizmo was an inside dog, but he loved to be outside and run.
Well, I would put him on his tie-up outside,
but you had to watch it when you opened the door to go outside, and well, with a 2-year-old and 10-year-old, this was a tough task, and I just had a hysterectomy, so I wasn't real quick.

Gizmo has got out many, many times,
and we all just run out and start chasing him and catch him.
Well on Monday 9-14-09, yep, at 4:30, he got out again,
and was running down the road.

Our road's not very busy, so its not really a big deal,
but my 10-year-old son was right behind him,
and this van comes down the road, so my son jumps in the road,
waving his arms and wearing a bright orange shirt that day, mind you,
and telling the guy to stop, please - his dog was in the road -
well, the man barely slowed down,
and all I heard were my son's horrible agonizing screams,
then I seen Gizmo flung from the guy's tire,
and he ran to my son, on the curb.

My feet were like in slow motion.
I couldn't get to them quick enough.

And the man in the van is yelling cuss words at us,
and screaming "Hey, theres leash laws!"
Wow, I was so mad at this man, for hitting my son's dog,
and even right in front of my son,
and not saying so much as an "I'm sorry."

Well, long story short, I guess I scooped Gizmo up
and had to literally hold his leg so it didn't fall off
and drive to the vet who was closing in 10 minutes,
so I raced to the vet with the dog on my lap,
and I had a feeling by the way his leg looked,
that yes, he would lose it, and that was fine,
just as long as we didn't lose him.

So we left Gizzy there, and I think I called every hour, LOL,
to make sure he was OK, 'cause he's a little dog,
and I didn't know if he had internal injuries, and the vet was so nice.
I was, and still am, so scared.
I don't know how I'm going to pay a thousand dollar vet bill.
I'm a single mother of two boys, and not working at the moment, because I just had surgery. The vet looked at me and said
"Honey it's fine; don't worry about the bill, we will get it worked out somehow, and I will keep the price as low as possible ($456),
and still provide the best care for your dog."

Gizmo had his surgery yesterday and can come home today or tomorrow. Gizmo and the boys would love to be members on here. Thanks for taking the time to read Gizmo's story.

Wednesday September 16, 2009


Zemo is an eight-year-old Golden Retriever
who had a cancerous tumor growing around his right elbow.

Walking was obviously painful and stairs were becoming impossible.
With the help of our vet and consulting veterinarian surgeon,
we decided to have the leg amputated.

In making the decision, we did a lot of surfing the Internet.
There is a large amount of information and support out there for us.

Cassie's club and the wonderful stories from loving parents
helped give us the courage to do what was right for Zemo.

We doubted the repeated statements about how we would be surprised by the dog's recovery.

We no longer doubt.

Forty eight hours after the operation,
Zemo was bounding to the door to greet visitors
and can negotiate stairs with greater ease than before and without pain.

There will be tears involved, but they change from tears of sorrow
to tears of joy.

Thank you all.

Carl, Debbie, Happy and Zemo Zies
Tuesday September 29, 2009

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