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I met Romeo at an Amish basket maker's shop
on Friday, August 28, 2009.
He had a severely broken left front leg.
His collar was growing into his neck and he was thin.

When I asked his owner what had happened,
he told me the leg had been broken several days.
If it didn't heal by itself soon, he was going to shoot him.

I offered to take the dog in so he could get vet care and a loving home, but he said if I wanted the dog I would have to pay $200.00.

I went home heartbroken and had a restless night.

I went back in the morning and offered the man $100.00 for the dog, which he refused. One of my friends heard about the dog's plight through Facebook and rushed to the house to give me the other $100.00 so I could save him.

The vet was great about this backwards dog and did a great job caring for him. She charged me less than half the normal cost as a thank-you for saving him.

Now he's several days post-op and doing great.
He was supposed to be re-homed because my family really didn't want 5 dogs, but we've decided he's not really a fifth dog and he should stay. Now I'm looking for ways to help integrate him into our pack.

I'd really appreciate any advice on care
and making his life easier that anyone is willing to share.

Lynne and Romeo Wahlstrom
Saturday September 5, 2009


On a hot Friday afternoon, my husband and I ventured on a shopping trip which somehow led us to the Humane Society/Animal Shelter.
That was the first time we saw Pancho (then named "Dag").
A big ball of fluff lying on the ground, we oooed and awed,
then continued to proceed unto the next kennel.

When he got up and turned around,
that's when we noticed the missing right front limb.
At that instant, we knew he was the one!!

Pancho had his leg amputated when he was about 6 weeks old,
due to a birth defect; the leg was not fully attached to his body. However, this has not slowed him down, at all.
He plays with the big dogs, runs like a gazelle and hops like a bunny.
His new favorite pastime is digging.
Watching him dig with such determination and purpose
is such a rewarding experience.

Not only is Pancho a playful puppy; he is also known to be a ladies' man. Put him around any group of girls, and he looks as if he's in heaven. Pancho is now 4 months old and by far one of the best dogs
I have ever had. He potty trained himself, barks about once a week, and eats any and all fruits and vegetables (his favorites are frozen green beans and apples). The list goes on and on.

Pancho has brought my husband and me so much joy and love
and we hope we have done the same for him.
God has truly blessed us with this unique creature
and we are excited for the future with this super 3 legged dog!

Jessica and Raul Lara
Monday September 14, 2009

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