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Season's Greetings!!
Odie and I would like to join your club!

When I arrived at my new rental, a small cottage in a redwood forest about 3 miles from the Ocean in Northern CA, Odie was there to greet me!

I was moving from living with my kids, our cats and our old family dog, Sparky. I was pretty sad. Kids grown, me single and my old friend Sparky definitely on her countdown to infinity - thin and frail after an unfortunate fall/attack about a year prior, Sparky just wasn't recovering.

So here's Mr. Odie.

My new neighbors on this piece of property had taken Odie in after their daughter in her early 20's (and a dog lover!) had accidentally hit Odie when he ran out in front of her on a country road.

This young gal had felt so bad she talked her folks into having Odie's front leg set - that is to say - pay for it. Well anyway, it turned into a 2 grand amputation. I think Odie was about a year old, then.

So I come along - and he is adjusting to having 3 legs - He was and is such a great guy - so happy, so grateful to be alive, so beautiful, oooh, I mean handsome - black spots on his tongue - and his mom, a Husky - Odie didn't officially become mine for 5 months.

The people who took him in and took care of him for his recovery didn't want to keep him, they were looking for a home for him. So initially, Odie was my friend who came to visit. I could see he needed to live in the middle of a forest and away from roads.

After my dog Sparky passed away, the neighbors asked me if I would like to keep him. I was delighted.

I still need to get a ramp so I can take him with me in my van.
I plan to take a seat out to make using the ramp easier, since I can't pick him up myself - and he really doesn't like that, anyway - we have been building our relationship this past summer, more and more. I sought him outside and sat by him, bringing him treats.

I started calling him in every night and offering him treats (mostly meat), to reward him. We are building our trust and our communication. Odie is the first male dog I have had since I was a toddler - and he is the first dog I got as a 'dog,' not a puppy - I knew how to do the puppy bond - it was trickier with Odie.

It took the neighbor dogs going home (me not letting them in the cottage) for him to really settle in with me.
Odie really charms people and brings great smiles to their faces - everyone who has gotten to know him have gotten over the 3 legged pity thing and just see the mad greeter!

He runs out to greet all the cars on our dirt road and escort my guests back to my cottage. Everyone remarks on what a great dog he is, and what a great personality he has. He loves PT - that is, for me to massage his back legs (that remind me of deer legs) and his back - with my feet, or with my hands.

He loves to go out and see what's up on the property, and I think he has barked more than 1 skunk to death! Ha-ha!

Wag More, Bark Less!

Beah Robinson
Mendocino, CA USA
Saturday December 12, 2009

Okay--here he is!
In all his wonderful glory!
Doesn't he have a GREAT smile?

When we went for walks on this road,
he'd get worn out by the gravel and rocks and lay down and rest in the middle of the road!

Glad it was a country road--cuz there was no getting him up when a neighbor came by - now I just walk him in the woods and gotta get a ramp to get him into my van to take him places we can walk together and he's not limping (hopping/limping) the next few days.

Monday December 14, 2009


It all started with a video of Harry
(Google: "Florida Harry Goes for a Run")
that my niece put on her Facebook page.

My niece works for the United Yorkie Rescue and lives in Miami, FL.
I thought Harry was adorable.

On 9-28-09 (now referred to as his birthday),
my niece rescued from a 5 day kill shelter in Miami.

His leg was a mangled mess - not sure what happened to him,
but his leg had healed with a fracture and was now infected,
so the vet had to amputate his rear left leg.

He was such a friendly, lovable dog.
My sister who lives in Key West, FL
agreed to fly Harry to me in New England.
I met him at 11:30pm on 12/03/09 at the airport.

I loved him immediately.
He gets around fine with 3 legs.
He is definitely a runner, so we can't let him out without his leash,
unless he's in my fenced-in back yard!
He even seems to like his first ever NE snowstorm!

I've had him just over 3 weeks now, and I can't imagine life without him.
I changed his name to Harry-Houdini, because he escaped execution!

He has 2 fur-sisters:
a 9.5 pound chihuahua named Tomalie-Mollie
and a 6 pound poodle named Talula-Lula.
Harry-Houdini is about 12 pounds.

Keep me posted with any club information.
Thank you,

Annie M.
Dartmouth, MA
Sunday December 27, 2009

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