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My name is Mickey the Jack Russell
and I live in Hampshire on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

On November 5th, 2008 I was out for a walk with the whole family.
My family includes my mum and dad, Meg the Yorkshire Terrier
and Minnie a retired Greyhound.

I do like to go off exploring, and I decided that I wouldn't go back when I was called. I took Minnie and ran out onto a little lane where the traffic goes very fast.

I don't really know what happened; I saw a car coming, and next thing
I was flying through the air and my back leg was missing.
Mum and dad got me in the car and mum drove really fast to the hospital. They worked very hard to save my life there.

I was in a lot of pain for weeks afterwards. You see, I had all kinds of other cuts, scrapes and bruises. Minnie and Meg were really kind to me when I got home. Minnie let me have her great big bed and she slept on the floor, and Meg didn't try to start any fights with me (she does a lot of that, you see).

Anyway, eventually I got better, and mum and dad got a dog behaviourist to help them make sure I come back when I'm called.

Now I go back every time, mainly because they always have a nice treat for me, and if I don't go back straight away, I know I won't get it.

As you can see from my picture, I'm still a very happy, energetic and active Jack Russell. This photo was taken on New Year's Day 2010 and I was in the middle of chasing crows, something I have loads of fun doing.

So, if any of you dogs reading this have only just lost a leg then don't worry, you'll hardly remember you ever had it, after a while.

Three legs is great, four legs an indulgence.

If you want to see more of what I get up to, I've got my very own website - Please click HERE to see.

Sir Michael de Montfort
Sunday January 3, 2010


My poor little Dexter just got out of surgery.
She is a small brown cocker spaniel that I adopted from Louisiana where she had been found as a stray.

She has a cataract and probably got booted out of a puppy mill because of her obvious defect. She traveled up to New England
in a huge rescue truck with other dogs and got stuck in that
Storm of the Decade a few weeks ago. I drove 4 hours each way
to get her, because the truck couldn't go any farther in the weather.

My biggest surprise when I met her was how small she was, for a cocker. When I got her home with my other 3 rescue cockers,
I was impressed by her energy and speed!!! I couldn't get a picture of her, because she moved too fast.

She knocked over lamps, water dishes, people.
She jumped on my head all night and chewed on my hands.
She is as cute as she can be, but more of a puppy than a dog.
And more of a Dexter than a Lilly, the name she came with.
But we were all adjusting and she was getting to be buddies with my girl Ruby.

This morning I was in the front yard with all the dogs,
picking up frozen poop with a shovel when I heard a thud, and a yelp.
I immediately thought it couldn't be one of my dogs,
because they were in the fence with me.
Then Dexter came running, howling all the way,
and slid right between the slats of the white picket fence!
She jumped up in my arms crying and waving her crushed front leg.

I had no idea she could slip through such a small space!
I wonder how many times she had done it before,
as I have a dog door and they are all in and out as they please.

So tomorrow morning, after I get off work as a critical care nurse,
I will pick her up and take her to another animal hospital
where they will look after her while I work 2 more shifts.
Wednesday I will bring her home and I will have 8 days off
to nurse her back to health and help her learn to walk on three legs. She lost the front right leg.

What a hard life that dog has had, so far!
I hope she doesn't have too much pain!
I'll take any advice you've got.

Mary Callahan
Sunday January 10, 2010

Yep, she went between the slats and got hit.
The guy kept on driving, which isn't nice,
but I have to say I blame myself more than him.
Who can stop faster than a darting dog?
And Dexter can dart.
The driver is probably home wracked with guilt, punishment enough. Dex is her old self already, according the vet, eating and running straight out to pee, instead of using a splint. I get her back Wednesday.

Monday January 11, 2010

She can run around and hop up on things, but mostly she sleeps.
The first few days her sleep was quite restless,
but today she has been out like she is in a coma.
I think the pain is under better control now.
Good thing I have 2 weeks off work.
Also a good thing I am a nurse, so I know she isn't really in a coma!

Friday January 15, 2010

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