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My name is Janis, JJ, or as some call me, Tripod.

Janis was the saddest looking pound puppy of her litter,
and of course, I chose her on Valentine's Day 1999.

I nursed her back to health, and she's been by my side ever since.
In 2001, she jumped out of the back of my truck, causing her leg injury.

I take full responsibility for the accident, and plead with everyone
to keep your animals in kennels tied down, when in the back of trucks.
The vet sedated her immediately and focused on the other three legs,
which were bleeding/cut.

The next morning, I received word that she was not walking on her
right front leg, and had major damage to her central radial nerve.

I was in college at the time, and could not afford the amputation.
I opted to try and continue on without the amputation.

My little baby is still chasing those "gourmet" tennis balls, 10 years later. Over time, the leg lost muscle and atrophied...I believe is the word.
So her leg is up and off the ground.

It's not the most appealing look, but she seems to have good self-esteem, anyways;) The only problems I've had over the years were the leg hooking momentarily across her left leg, which doesn't happen often. And her dew claw fell off the dead leg, a couple of times.

She began licking it, which is a major problem.
The best solution I found was a sock with duck tape
so that the wound could heal without her ripping off a bandage.
There's always the head cone, but considering she's on three legs,
I didn't think that was fair.

Janis brings a smile and hope to my heart!

Megan Sawyer
Wednesday January 13, 2010


This is my beloved pride and joy, Duali.
Words can't even describe how much he means to me.
My fiance and I bought a house in 2006, along with our first child Fancy, a female German shorthaired pointer puppy.

A few months later on her first hunting trip for training,
my fiance met this jerk of an old man who had a runt puppy at his house who was neglected and soon to be shot.
So of course, my fiance took him home to me as a present.

Ever since the first encounter, Duali and I had we have been attached at the hip. I am his mommy and he knows it, he will do anything to protect me and I would do anything to protect him.

Now, three years old, both of our babies are such a big part of our lives we would be lost without them. We went to Maui on Christmas 2009 for vacation and my best friend stayed at our house the whole time we were gone to watch the dogs (who love to run outside all day, but love to snuggle under covers at night).

Come New Year's Eve and our town is close to the reservation with fireworks, so it sounds like war for the week of any holiday. My best friend knew they would be nervous about all the noise, especially since we were gone, so she was on her way to put the dogs inside, but it was too late.

Duali had jumped over our 6 foot fence and got hit by a car.

When she arrived, the only thing she found was a note from the police saying they tried to catch my injured dog but he was running and snarling at them, so they gave up.

We get an early flight home and start our hunt for him.
He is such a mamma's boy I knew he wouldn't die without seeing me first. 6 days later, I get a call from a lady who said she has a very sick, mean dog behind her shed. We rushed as fast as we could, and there he was, skin and bones, with one destroyed leg and cuts all over.

The vets had to amputate, but they said it is such a miracle he is alive.
Now he can run just as fast as before.
I can't even look at him without getting giddy with joy and sadness.
This website is really fantastic, Thank you.

Love Michelle, Mitchell, Fancy and Duali from Washington
Friday January 29, 2010

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