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My name is Lani Lou. I'm a toy poodle and I'm 2 1/2 years old.
I was adopted when I was 6 months old but tragedy hit when I was 7 months old. I was sleeping with my human mom and I walked off the end of the bed.
I screamed and my human daddy came to the rescue.
He took me to the vet because my leg was turned sideways.
I was scheduled for surgery and the vet tried to pin the bones,
but my bones were the size of spagetti noodles and the procedure failed. In a desperate effort to save my leg I wore a neon blue cast for six weeks. All my friends signed my cast.
After six weeks the vet determined that the leg would have to be removed. My family cried. So did I. All this has not slowed me down.
I can run as fast as ever and dig like nobodies business!
(Somebody told me my leg was in China, so I'm still tryihg to find it!) I even tease my doggy sister, Kira.
The vet said all dogs are born with three legs and a spare.
He was right about that!

Jayne Zickafoose
Sunday March 21, 2010


Hey I'm Grace Walsh and I live with my mum, brother and two dogs, Bobby and Tipsy. Bobby is the special one. He has three legs. We think he is around 6-7 years old. One of his favourite things to do is swim in the creek at the back of our land! We got him from a lady that mum works with who saved him from the pound
the day before he was to be put down.
We don't know what kind of past he has had.
We think he might have been mistreated.
Bobby is a great guard dog but won't let men any where near my mum (except my brother and Grandpa)! Recently we found out that he had cancer in his shoulder. The vets took a biopsy but told us that there was a 97% chance that it was an aggressive cancer and a 3% chance it would be a non-aggressive cancer and taking his leg off would save his life.
Fortunately for us the biopsy showed that it was the non-aggressive type and so we got his leg amputated and he is recovering from the surgery now. He is doing great!

Grace, Cathy, Josh, Tipsy and of course Bobby Walsh.
Saturday March 27, 2010

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