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My friend Monroe lost his left rear leg to an osteo sarcoma.
The prognosis and the subsequent couple months were tough,
but the decision to amputate and forgo chemo were among the best
decisions we ever made. He is now a year and a half post op and doing great. The cost was great, it seemed at first, but against doing something for your best friend that might help versus "he'll be gone in two months without treatment" was priceless. My dog has been with me for ten years,
and while I do not agree with unnaturally prolonging a pet's life, I do suggest trying everything within one's ability, both moral and financial, to make the most of the time we have with them.
Monroe currently has no signs of cancer, which the doctor predicted he would have by six months. I expected lung and spine tumors. As of now (5-5-10), he is in better shape than our lab of the same age, who has all four! Please, any who are uncertain, give amputation a chance; it may give you and your friend a couple more years.
He is exactly half Newfoundland, half German Shepard.
He came from the local friends of pets organization.
When he was a couple years old, I ran into the owners of the Newfoundland who told me of his background. He is just about pure Newfoundland, in personality and build, just seems to have gotten a slimmer, faster frame, like the Shepard.

Ethan Henderson
Wednesday May 5, 2010


Eva was found by an animal shelter employee on the side of the road having just been injured by a passing car. Her eye was bloodied and damaged but otherwise, appeared unharmed aside from the fact she was missing one important thing...her left front leg.
She never snapped or snarled; only curled up on the seat of the truck and off to the Vet she went.
Her eye was repaired but with little hope that she would regain sight and was left without a home when she needed someone the most! Our family couldn't bear to let her go unwanted, so we invited her to leave the local animal shelter to live with us and our three other dogs. Now she has one less good eye and has one less leg than "normal dogs," but has ten times the energy, loyalty, and affection!
The word "disabled" doesn't apply and is never used in our house! She's happy, silly, and healthy and deserves this third chance! We're thrilled to give that to her and so grateful she was saved that day! Eva is about 3 years old, probably a little younger.
She and Cassie do look very similar.
I thought that when I was browsing your website.
We live in Guam for the moment, my husband is Active Duty Air Force.
We'll be leaving in about 1 1/2 years. I have no idea when she lost her leg. She came to me and it was fully healed and likely had been amputated some time ago. What breaks my heart is that she most certainly was someone's pet. She was very well taken care of, well mannered and housebroken. We posted ads for her everywhere.
I don't know if someone was afraid to come forward for her,
or afraid of her giant Vet bill. I don't know.
It's sad, but at the same time, I am grateful,
as I wouldn't know what to do without her now.
She fits into our family so well and from day one,
even when she was injured and in pain.
She's such a joy to have in our lives. I'm so grateful for her.
Your website is wonderful.
Eva often appears at events promoting the local animal shelter. It's so wonderful for a dog as sweet and gentle as she to teach people that just because they don't look like "ordinary" pets...
they are just as loving and happy...if not MORE.
It's great that you are spreading the good word about our angels.

Julie Grady
Sunday May 09, 2010

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