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My Name is Michael. I found your homepage by having searched the Internet for "3 legged dogs worldwide." We come from Germany in a town called "Weil der Stadt" near Stuttgart at the blackwood forrest :-)

I didn`t know that there is a club for 3 legged dogs and I am very suprised of that.

It's great keep up the good work, I hope you give hope to all people who are considering the purchase of a 3 legged dog!

This is great Stuff :-)

So we have a 3 legged dog called "Melissa," she is now 9 years old. Her right foreleg is amputated. She comes from Rumania. She came to us from an animal home, already previously 3 legged at this time and 3 years old. Last year we made a radiograph and her bones are as strong as a puppy.

Some people think these dogs are too handicapped and they will not have a great doggylife, but its almost the contrary!
She had a knee operation 4 years ago and the first days she couldn't move her hindleg so she jumped up and down stairs up using only 2 legs, 1 front and 1 behind.

So thanks for your time, and if you have a photo album for 3 legged dogs, here are 2 additional pictures.

Thanks and Best Regards from Germany (hope my English is ok)

Michael Scheck
Tuesday January 25, 2011


Hi, my name is Glenn and my dog's name is Griffey.
My griffey is two years old and this past July he was hit by a truck.
To make a long story short, Griffey has three legs and he's my best friend.
He is a Lab/Pointer mix and he is high energy and loves to play catch and swim.
Hope you enjoy the pics.
We live in Coventry, Rhode Island and we'd like to join your club.
We aren't in any other clubs yet and he is very photogenic.
Email me back anytime.

Glenn Dusablon
Monday February 7, 2011

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