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My name is Jeff, and this is Hank.
I got Hank from a rescue shelter a year ago this May.
A friend had gone to the shelter to pick up another dog and saw Hank
(then known as Red) and felt that my accident-prone personality
would fit pretty well with a 3 legged dog.

I can't say I was actually looking for a dog at the time,
but the thought had crossed my mind.

I went to see him that weekend.
I had never had any experience with any 3 legged dogs,
so I wasn't sure of what to expect,
but I was ready to witness a hobbled and broken animal
that would likely require more care then I could provide.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I told the lady at the front desk what I was there for,
she led me to the back room and just around the corner
in a caged off area was my new best friend.

Hank stood on those 3 good legs almost immediately as we came into the room and bounced up to rest his front leg on the cage's edge to greet me. I stroked his long ears as he panted wildly with that massive tongue hanging out of his mouth and that tail, which I would eventually come to nickname "The Destroyer" swinging at the speeds of a bullwhip...

I swear, if I could chain one of those wrecking balls to it, I could go into business with him and start a demolition company.

The lady who handles the adoptions finally got to us and asked if I wanted to see him out in the yard. I followed them as Hank easily made his way around the other Kennels and through narrow hallways to get to the back door and out into the grass.

Obviously, my assumption that this dog would be a full time chore was way off base! Hank jumped and ran around that yard like he had no idea there was a missing limb involved in this situation.

If there had been any doubt that he was going home with me the second I saw him, there sure as hell wasn't anymore.

I was told he was found in a ditch by Animal control with his leg mangled beyond repair and with no collar. I'm so thankful that Project Hope no kill animal shelter was there to take care of him instead of what I am sure would have been a horrible alternate solution.

Hank has never had any issues whatsoever and from the day I got him home, he knew that outside was where the bathroom was.

He loves to swim (albeit, only in circles, since he can't control his directions!) and can jump into my bed at his leisure. This year the snow seemed to pique his interest and I had some trouble getting him to come inside after he had started digging and rolling around in it.

I mentioned his tail earlier.. A.K.A. "The Destroyer".. When I say he hasn't had any issues, I guess that was a slight fabrication. I am an avid collector of Nascar Diecast cars and other items that are kept in glass display cases in a rather small apartment.. you can guess where this is going.. To date, I have had to replace no fewer than 6 front glass panels on these cases! It's not his fault really. He just gets excited when I come home or we get ready for our nightly walks and that tail just goes ballistic.

Regardless, I wouldn't have it any other way and will replace that glass daily for my buddy. He has truly been a blessing and I urge everyone to check out their local shelters for potential new pets. I won't guarantee a jewel such as Hank here, but I'm betting you will not leave the place empty handed!

I'm happy to have found your site.
I had no idea such a place existed and I look forward to reading all your other members' stories!

Jeff Cross
Monday February 7, 2011


Gus is a 3-legged wonder dog!
He rescued me in 2001 when he was just over a year old and destined for the local shelter. I already had 3 dogs and didn't think I could handle another, until I met Gus. His previous owner had two small boys that hit and kicked Gus daily.

Gus was not considered a member of their family.
He was just a dog on a chain in the backyard 24/7.
The owner's boys were on a traveling softball team
and they would leave for days at a time to travel to their games.

One weekend when they returned, Gus had gotten the chain wrapped around his hind leg and ended up having the leg amputated.
The family no longer wanted to "tolerate" Gus.

They searched for a home for Gus, but no one wanted the 3-legged wonder dog. I finally told my friend to bring him to me, which they did, at work.
Gus was filthy, had auto grease on his head, had worms, was skinny and very depressed. I took him to the vet right away where he was treated for worms and given a clean bill of health.
Gus learned quickly that he constantly needed a stuffed toy in his mouth. He also learned what love is.
Now, he swims in his baby pool in the summers and cuddles on the sofa, my bed and one of his four dog beds in the house in the winter.
He even has his own handicapped ramp, to get on and off the deck!
Gus and my other three furbabies take a ride to the dump every Saturday to take our garbage. It is a treat they enjoy!
Gus has slowed down quite a bit over the past 10 years, but he is still the sweet, protective loving dog with a toy in his mouth 24/7.
He now knows unconditional love and always will.

Chantal Francis
Knoxville, TN
Friday February 25, 2011

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