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My 9 year old girl Nevada is 1/2 lab and 1/2 pitbull.
She's the best dog I've ever had.
She's extremely strong and obedient, and she loves swimming.
I got her less than a year ago from my friend's Dad, who passed away.

Calvin Crawford
Saturday September 3, 2011


This is Sebby, he is approx. 7 years old.
We rescued him, pre-op, in Portugal.
We have recently relocated to Ireland with him and 2 rescued cats.
Sebby had been thrown from a car; someone saw him and took him to the vet, where we were lucky enough to find him.

He has enriched our lives beyond belief.
He is so brave and fearless.
Of course, he has us wrapped around his little paw.
After the harsh heat of Portugal, he seems to love it here in Ireland.
He loves to run and roll in the grass and has a total obsession with tennis balls. I love the first picture, he looks so free.

Michelle Jeffrey
Saturday September 17, 2011

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