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I have an utterly remarkable pup named Baxter.
He is so intelligent, wonderful, and yes, he is the ultimate pound puppy, with the biggest heart!!!! I was the lucky one when I found him, for anyone who doesn't know (if you pass this to family and friends) his story started out kinda sad:

As hard as this is to say about someone who means the world to me,
my little Bax was a discarded dog that it seemed no one cared about
and he was literally thrown out of a moving vehicle.
(I know, WHO DOES THAT?!!!!)
But he was a fighter and roamed the streets for a couple of weeks with a horribly broken leg. When the leg was necrotic and making him very sick, he was finally caught and people at the humane society took him in and performed heroics (which they didn't have to do) on him, to save his life.

Unfortunately, in the process of this tragedy, he did lose his front right leg. But that didn't stop him, either.
This little bandit stole my heart December 19, 2009.
I will never forget that day.
I was horribly astounded that someone could be so heartless
to hurt such an adorable little creature, and I was even more astounded
that the humane society didn't put him to sleep after all he had been through and gave him a chance at a great life.

Being that it was the week before Christmas
(and shelters get a lot of "desirable" dogs that time of year),
my little bax's time was running out.

That was UNTIL I saw him, and they put him in my arms!
I knew from that moment on I would devote my life to insure he would NEVER go through anything like that, again.
They put him in my arms, and he was mine and I was his.

I am so grateful to the men and women who must have donated to their local shelter and gave bax his chance. So it is only right that we do our part for some other sad lonely forgotten animal that wants nothing more
than to love and be someone's best friend.

On September 25, I will join thousands of others at the Brookside Park, just south of the Pasadena Rose Bowl, for the 13th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk for the Animals. The funds we raise will benefit the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, and will help them to care for more than 12,000 animals a year.

Thank you so much, for your help!
He is my first tripawd, but after having him, I can only see myself
taking special needs dog, from here on out. I thank you for sharing his
story with the community. And I appreciate being part of the proud tripawd community. :)

Thank you, again. (kisses and squeezes are done and done.)

Thank you sooo very much!
Will you please send me a link when it is posted?
I would appreciate that soooo much!

Tuesday September 20, 2011


I will explain the story of my tripod dog.
I'm from Belgium, so I'm sorry if my English is a bit poor.
This is the story about Haely, a cute little whippet girl, born on the 6th of march 2008. In the summer of 2010, my friend and I were walking with my two dogs, Chico the amstaff and Haely. We were walking between the fruit trees, so I unleashed Haely.
That's when the drama started.
She saw a rabbit, ran after it and hit a tree at full speed.
She came back with one leg paralysed and totaly in pain.
We went staight to the vet; he said maybe it was temporarily paralysed,
so he gave her some cortisone and we had to wait for a few days, but it didn't get better. So we returned to the vet, and he said the nerves were probably broken.
They may or may not grow back.
I went to an animal hospital for a second opinion and they told me just the same: wait two months; if her leg doesn't function by then, it never will. So I waited three months to be sure, did some physiotherapy with her, but it didn't get better. All her muscles had died away from her leg.
So I decided to amputate her leg.
Now she is doing very well on her three legs; she is still faster than my amstaff and she is enjoying life.
The only problem is that the healed cut from her leg is sometimes opening up a bit. I already had it stitched again two times.
Now the vet told me that it should be better to remove some of the shoulder, so that it is less sharp. On the pictures, you can see Haely with her paralysed leg and without her leg. I hope I can join your group to talk about experiences.

My dearest greetings
Els Festraets
Wednesday September 28, 2011

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