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Kady came from a shelter in New Mexico found as a stray.
She had just had puppies that were all found dead.
Kady was around 1 year old when rescued and had the 3 legs.
I spoke with a dog communicator not too long ago and she said that Kady learned to walk with 3 legs, so not exactly sure how she lost her leg!! On death row, Vail Doggie Day Spa and lodging of Vail, Co took in Kady to foster in October 2010. After several attempts to get Kady a home, she decided that I was meant to be her owner. I work at the daycare, so spent lots of time with her for almost a year. I finally adopted Kady in August of 2011.
There is not one thing she can't do!!
She loves to hike in the mountains, skijor, and LOVES to swim!!
Kady also helps all our new rescues build confidence again!!
She is a role model for dogs and people!!
I am so inspired by her I started my own business selling dog collars; it is called Kady's Kollars!!
The proceeds go to help National Mill Dog Rescue,
a group located in Colorado Springs, Co.
They travel around the states rescuing dogs at puppy mills!
I love Kady the 3-legged lady and am so glad she is in my life!!

Mindy Jarrard
Wednesday April 11, 2012


We adopted one year old Stella through the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City this past November.
We believe she is a Boston Terrier mix. She was picked up wandering the streets
after she had been hit by a car, weeks before.
Her back leg was severely damaged and had to be amputated.
We adopted her after my daughter signed me up for a registry for three legged dogs
and instantly fell in love. She has been a wonderful addition to our family
and is extremely friendly with other people and dogs.
She loves to snuggle, give kisses and burrow under covers.
Her favorite activity is eating and playing fetch.
We are so grateful to have found her and have the opportunity to give her a better life.

The Mahon Family
Saturday May 5, 2012

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