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My name is Buddy. I am an 8-9 year old Maltese.
I was found in a ditch in Anchorage, Alaska on a late September day.
I was pinned to the ground in some wild rose bushes by all of the bad matted fur I had. I was lucky enough to be found by a gentleman who was out walking his dog and heard my cries. He tried to get me loose from the bushes, but couldn't.
He ran to the road for help and lucky for me, the gal who stopped was on her way to teach an obedience class. After some quick work with some scissors, I was freed!
The lady who cut me free dropped me at a local vet for care.
When the technicians finally finished shaving me of all that heavy, smelly and painful matting, not only did I end up 1/3 of the size I started, but they discovered I only had 3 legs! They originally thought one of my front legs was caught up in the matted fur. At some point in my life I had my front left leg removed, shoulder blade and all. They also had to pull some pretty rotten teeth. After I was well enough to be released, Liz (the lady who cut me free) took me home. It didn't take long before she knew she couldn't keep me. She had some aggressive dogs that didn't care for me too much. Liz was in contact with her friends R & J from Fairbanks. Together, they posted my short story and pictures on Facebook. That's where my new owners first saw me. After a 350 mile trip north to Fairbanks, I arrived at my forever home. I have two new brothers, Klaus and Henry. They are younger than I am, so I get to boss them around! My humans love all of us, and I am very well taken care of. I don't do outdoor stairs too well, so my humans take me outside every time I have to potty. I have a nice fenced-in yard where I can safely be outside to enjoy the smells and sunshine. I don't go for too many walks, but my human mom made me a basket on her bike, so I get to go for bike rides! I like to sit up on my back legs, because my one front leg gets tired. I hope you enjoy my story.

Missy Odsather
Tuesday January 31, 2012


Urko just turned 6 years old.
He and his sister joined our family in 2006 at 9 weeks of age from Serbia.
He is not only handsome but the most intelligent and loving dog you will ever meet.
Urko lost his limb to osteosarcoma last week. He is making an awesome recovery.
His leg was amputated to ease the pain from the bone cancer.
We want him to be able to play and be pain free for whatever time he has remaining with us. We hope to start chemo soon to arrest a nodule on his lung. Pray this help him.
We were leery of having his leg amputated but sites like yours and other tripawed sites helped us proceed and not to be afraid.
I will send his photo.

Tuesday March 20, 2012

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