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My German Shepherd Scout is missing her back right leg.
We had to have an emergency visit with our vet at one in the morning after a camping trip gone wrong. My brother had took his friends camping and they took Scout.
They had been sitting around the fire all night, and suddenly Scout had gone missing.
While they were looking for her, wolves had come.
So they got their guns and got on top of the truck and started shooting.
Scout had been mistaken for a wolf and was then shot in the leg.
When the bullet hit it shattered the bone, and the vet said he had to amputate her leg. This just happened a week ago.
Scout is only one, and we are all just glad that she is healthy and alive.

Olivia Roach
Friday July 27, 2012


Trixie has had a tough life.
She came to us from the Chesterfield animal shelter in October 2010.
I saw this little brown bag of bones just sitting in the kennel.
She didn't move or bark; in fact, she was the only dog in the whole place that wasn't barking. She just looked at me with her big brown eyes and I knew right then that she was the dog for us! She had been dumped in a parking lot wearing a flea collar and a rope around her neck.
She had kennel cough so she had to be on meds for a week before being spayed and coming home, even then we were told that at 15lbs she weighed only half of what a dog her size should weigh. Since the first day we brought her home she has been an awesome fit for our family.
She is smart and so patient and gentle with my three small kids,
she tolerates my old, cranky, kitty that likes to attack her from high places and she loves on the other kitty whenever she can. She loves to play with other dogs and will jump in a car the moment the door opens (even if you're just arriving).
We live on a fairly busy country road so we have always been careful about keeping the kids and Trixie away from the street, but one day about 5 months ago she got out when my son left the door open, and her front leg was run over by our mailman.
Even though only her foot was damaged, our vet decided it was best to take her leg at the shoulder so she would have better balance, etc. Three stressful days of worry (and over $2000 in vet bills, but worth every penny) later, she came home.
The vet actually had to put her on sedatives because nobody explained to Trixie that she was supposed to rest and not jump around much.
She popped out 3 of her staples in the first 48 hours of being home
and nothing was gonna keep her off the sofa or beds!
She adjusted quickly though, and today she is spoiled even more than she was before!
Trixie is a Princess.
She still steals the covers and will curl up in your spot on the sofa the moment you get up. She has learned to roll over and show people her "cowlick" where her scars are under the fur, and she milks it for even more attention and treats.
We are cutting back on the treats though, because our girl is getting a bit chunky.
Her activity level isn't what it used to be and the vet has suggested we get a friend to help keep her active. I thought what better than another tripod? So we are currently looking for the newest addition to our family.

P.S. The mailman never even said they were sorry, but I do wonder how they explained all the blood on their vehicle!

Whitney Powell
Wednesday September 26, 2012

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