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Re: What a coincidence! You're in luck! I've just now received THIS email! you believe in fate?
We were originally looking for a Black Lab when we adopted Trixie.
My husband is absolutely wild about Black Labs.
As soon as I told him about her, all he said was "when can we get her"!
The part about the rescue willing to pay for her amputation is a God-send as well, 'cause other than an adoption fee, I don't think we could afford a major surgery like that.
We could probably meet someone in NC or maybe SC even to pick her up and I have a FABULOUS vet here Who did Trixie's amputation. I have an awesome feeling about this and I will email them ASAP, unless you have a number I could call about her?

Re: Good afternoon, did Elizabeth or Millie ever reply back to you, RE: Dorsey? Oh yes, everything fell into place and we went to SC and got her on Saturday, and I'm keeping Elizabeth up to date on her progress.
Her surgery is scheduled for next Monday.
She's fitting right in and loves all the attention she is getting!
I'll send you some pics and an update for Cassies Club as soon as I can! Talk about a happy ending! =)

Thanks again,
Whitney Powell
Wednesday September 26, 2012


My name is Christina and my son and I adopted our dog, Zoe, on Oct. 4th. Zoe is an eleven month old Boxer Pit mix.
She originally came from Arkansas where she was going to be put down due to her being a "bully" breed. Therefore, a vet there took care of her and she was then brought up to Pennsylvania
and became a part of the Help the Helpless Pets Rescue which is how we found her.
When she was found in Arkansas, her leg was limp and unsalvageable.
The vet believed she was probably hit by a car.
She was amputated on 3/21/12 when she was just four months old.
In the short time we have had her she has made a large presence in our home!
She is quite rambunctious, however, quite a lovebug and a very smart and good girl (besides chasing our cats, thinking they are her toys).
We love our Zoe-bear!!

Christina and Dorian Edsall
Wednesday October 17, 2012

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