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I am foster Mom to Bolt, a loving, gentle Black Lab.
Bolt had his right front leg amputated 2 days ago.
He had been hit by a car, and his pelvic bone and right leg had been broken. The pelvic bone healed, but the leg got worse. The leg died and had to be removed. He seems to be recovering nicely. We are considering adopting him.
The Humane Society say he is about a year old, but we think younger.
He was active yesterday, but today he's been not wanting to do anything but lay on the bed and relax

Wednesday November 21, 2012


When our old dog had to be put to sleep at 14 years, I said we would never get another dog. My husband said we'd be ready in about six months. "No, I said, you don't understand. We're too old, a dog is too much work, I can't bear to ever put another down." The house was empty without a dog. Cleaner, but empty. I began flipping through listings of dogs on the Internet, as one does looking at cars, furniture. There were several we liked--one was taken before we got to see it. Then Josie looked at me from her picture.
She still had her leg then, but the note said she would have it amputated. Then it said (I know she told them what to say), "I will still need a forever home." "Earl," I said, "I found our new dog."

He had always loved Black Labradors, but an ordinary one would need more activity than we could provide. When we went to pick her up (we were just supposed to be considering), and Earl looked around a bit disappointed. One of the programs directors said, "Don't worry Earl, Marty's got your dog." Then he knew she was our dog. We found out that she had been hit by a car. The "owners" did not take her to the vet, until the neighbors reported them for neglect. She was lucky to go to a program that would pay for her expensive vet care -- she needed a second operation because of the infection. She is very smart, but she can't figure out why people feel sorry for her. She says, "I never saw one of them with more than two legs."

Thanks for the club.
Anne Haehl
Thursday January 10, 2013

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