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My name is Debi, and this is Rosie.
She is the latest addition to our family of 5.
We got Rosie from the RSPCA on the 4th of May, 2013.
She had had her front left leg removed as she had been left living in horrible conditions with a broken leg; unfortunately, the leg had to be removed on the 7th of April, 2013. She is the sweetest natured dog, and is just 1. The photo with the red lead is the day we met Rosie.

Debi Patrick
Monday June 17, 2013


My name is Giavanna and here's our story.
About a month ago, my hubby and I came across a little black dog
lying in the middle of a very busy street.
My hubby stopped and tried to catch him.
We could see he had been hurt and caught up with him.
Straight away, you could see his leg was broken and we took him to the SPCA. They said that they would let us know if they could find his owner.
To make a long story short, they did not.
We decided to adopt him even though we had three dogs.
They operated, put a pin in, but it did not heal.
They told us they would have to amputate.
I was not prepared for the aftershock!!!
Still am in shock; he looks butchered!!!
He is such a brave little dog and does not leave me for one second.
His name is Lucky!!!!
We love him soooo much.

Giavanna Bezuidenhout
Tuesday June 25, 2013

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