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My name is Jared. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I met DOG this past week while I was at my family's for my mother's funeral.
I call him DOG because, not knowing his personality yet, I haven't been able to name him.
I get to bring him home from the hospital tomorrow!
DOG, who is about 6 months old, disappeared from my dad's neighbor about 6 weeks ago.
He showed up at my dad's 5 days ago, extremely emaciated, with the front half of his leg shredded to the bone.
Part of his bone was missing and his leg was very infected.
I cleaned and bandaged the wound the best I could while I was 3 hours away from my vet.
As soon as I got back in Vegas yesterday, I drove straight to my vet to see what options we had.
This afternoon my vet called me to say that DOG is doing very well and will be able to come home tomorrow.
I am very excited, but also very nervous to bring DOG home.
I have 2 other dogs, Buster the Beagle and Timber the Corgi, both rescued.
They are very high strung. I also had Trouser the Jack Russell, who passed away from cancer a month ago.
I came across your website while searching for tips to care for a special needs dog and found it very helpful and encouraging.
The next few weeks will be tough, but I'm certain DOG will recover and gain weight very quickly and before I know it
we will all be at the dog parks making all the other dogs envious!
I would like to update you how DOG is doing in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you,
Jared Ha
Saturday July 20, 2013


My name is Lynda. I read your web site & was so touched by all the wonderful stories that I decided I need to add ours. In October of 2012 my husband came home with a puppy. He only weighed 21 pounds.
We figured him to be about 3 months old.
We think he is German Shepard/Golden Retriever cross.

He had found him on a reservation wandering around all by himself & miles from anywhere. It was a Friday when he brought him home, his comment was I will try to find where he lives on Monday. I knew by the look on both their faces that he had already found his home. We went out the next day & bought all the things needed to make him at home. We already had a furry member of the family he is a Pomeranian 4 years old named Max. This was going to be a big adjustment for him. We decided that the found pups name was going to be Charlie. He was very shy & afraid of the new world he was in.

Charlie became a wonderful part of our family, but not without some very trying days. He made his home in the garage as that was where he was most comfortable. He went to work everyday with my husband & loved it; he would wait by the gate every morning.

He soon made himself right at home so much so that as a puppy does he chewed some things. We bought him a beautiful padded horse blanket to sleep on it wasn't long before that was in a thousand pieces, then came the huge pillow with a lot of stuffing. Any & every piece of cardboard he could find; a brand new pair of cowboy boots, a solar light, he piled about 25 pieces of fire wood right beside the fire pit - waiting for a fire, I suppose. He decided he didn't like the BBQ cover we had either. I thought it would never end.

It was time for him to go for his vaccinations & a check up as we all ready knew he was a healthy growing boy. We decided to have him neutered, well as you can imagine that wasn't his favourite day. He managed to chew the cone that he was suppose to be wearing right off. He is a determined boy.

It was 1 week after that was done that my husband came to my office to tell me that Charlie was at the hospital. He had run in front of my husband's truck & been run over.

The pain in my husband's face told the whole story. We waited for the call....... Much to our surprise, the call came with some promising news. Charlie had a broken left shoulder & a dislocated left hip they would work on him & he could come home the next day. When we brought him home he had his back left leg in a sling & his front all wrapped in a bandage. He was so determined to get around that right away he was up on 2 legs. He did so great.

Unfortunately the next few days would not turn out as well as we would hope. 1 week after his front paw that had been completely wrapped developed a horrible infection that took all the flesh off his foot. The out come wasn't going to be good. We prepared ourselves for the worst. We were told that the paw would probably never heal properly and he would be in terrible pain all the time. We had to make the decision to have his leg removed. As I am writing this, he is at the hospital now.

Our hearts are pretty heavy that it had to come to this. The vet has no idea how the infection developed when he is on an antibiotic, so many unanswered questions that I suppose we will never have answers to. Many might say that taking him from this world would be a cheaper choice, but in our world, it was never a choice. He is only a pup with an outstanding personality. He was put in our lives for a reason. He is part of our family & will continue to be for many years to come.

I have read some of the stories on your web site & they have given me much hope that Charlie's days ahead will be wonderful. He has so much love around him that it will make up for the loss.

I have included a couple pictures of our boy & his wonderful smile before & after he is a very handsome boy!!!

Thank you for the wonderful web site.

Lynda & Bob Robinson
Lethbridge AB
Thursday August 1, 2013

Charlie is home & adapting so well - he is such an incredible boy!!!
Our love for him has grown even stronger.
Thank you so much for sharing your web site with all the animal lovers in the world.

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