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My name is Amy and my dog is Babs.
She is scheduled to have her left front leg and shoulder amputated next Tuesday. We are very scared.

Babs is now 10yrs old. She came to me at age 5. She was a death row dog at a local pound. I met her when she was in boarding looking for a foster home. She had a lot of issues, so I fostered her.
I realized she was meant to be my dog and I adopted her.

We spent our time going to training classes and socializing her.
She earned her CGC and we were just going to sign her up to take a therapy dog workshop in 2 weeks, but that has come to end for us. She started limping last weekend and she went to the vet on Monday.
We learned our girl has bone cancer/osteosarcoma.
Without surgery, she may only live 6 months.
Even with surgery we don't know what our chances are.
She also has to go through chemo.

I was looking online about amputation and came across this group.

Thank you,
Amy and Babs Havranek
Tuesday October 1, 2013


Hello and thank you for all of the wonderful work that you do!
I saw your website and thought I would just ask...
Do you know of any TWO-LEGGED cats or dogs for adoption?
My husband and I have a three-legged Jack Russell, Larry.
He came to us from a shelter in Texas where he was found wandering the streets with a badly broken leg.
We also have two two-legged dogs, Kandu and Luci.
My husband Ken makes wheels for them and they get around very well.
Both of them are also certified Animal Assisted Therapy dogs.
Both Kandu and Luci were born missing their front legs.
We also have a wonderful cat, Willow, who does not have her back legs or her tail. Her story is very sad; she was abused. So terribly horrible to even think about. I have posted a picture of Larry after a bath. He isn't looking too thrilled to be clean! Our home has room for more two-legged cats or dogs needing their forever home:) Thank you again for all of our work.

Melissa Uchitelle-Rogers
Sunday December 1, 2013

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