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I adopted my 3-legged dog from the Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah, on January 3, 2013. Note: The Ivins Animal Shelter is a "no kill" shelter.
My dog was found running wild with a second dog in Snow Canyon, Utah. The Ivins Animal Shelter got a call that the two dogs were running loose and they went and captured the two dogs.
My dog, Oakley, was then sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah where he had to have his front left leg amputated.
After the amputation Oakley was sent back to the Ivins Animal Shelter and put up for adoption.
My best friend and neighbor informed me about Oakley and showed me a picture of him that was in our local paper.
We went to the Ivins Animal Shelter and I fell in love with Oakley at first sight. He is a black lab mix and the sweetest, best dog anyone could ever ask for. He is a very happy dog and gets lots of love all day long.
Oakley has a nice big grass yard to play in and I will love him to the day he leaves this earth.

Colleen Singelyn
St. George, UT
Tuesday September 3, 2013


I have been a 'long time' member of Cassie's Club.
Click Here to see Mira's picture and story.
Sadly, Mira crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept 3, 2013.
Thanks to Cassie's Club, I had the courage to have her leg removed.
We had 8 1/2 WONDERFUL years together.
Her wonderful personality comes through in her picture and says it all.
The experience of owning a tripod made me realize that owning a three-legged dog is no different than owning a four-legged dog. Because of this positive experience I have adopted another dog, though having four legs, only three are used.

Mickey was born with a birth defect that has made his right front leg unusable and amputation (per my vet) is not required. Though Mickey is just a tad bit smaller than Mira (smile), his personality lights up a room.

I hope people reading about Cassie and the members of her club understand that dog's cannot count and whether they have three or four legs, it is what is inside that matters.

R.I.P. Mira. I miss you terribly.

Yvonne Hogan
Saturday September 7, 2013

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