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Hello, I am Annabel Ritchie and I am eleven years old.
I am interested in joining your three legged dog club.
My dog is a three legged whippet and she is called Honey.

My family and I had been looking for a dog for a while and my mum especially wanted a whippet, so we were going on lots of different whippet and dog rescues.

We also needed a dog that was suitable with cats as we had two and we wanted her/him to be quite young. We eventually came across a dog rescue online and found a whippet called Honey. It said she was found by the roadside with a crushed back left leg and that the vet couldn't do anything but amputate it.

She was around one when we got her and we've had her for about one and a half years. She was very nervous when we got her and she was petrified by other people. She had obviously been beaten, as whenever my mum got out the broom or mop, she'd run straight to her bed and cower there until mum put it away.

She's got much more confident over the period of time we've had her and she is no longer scared of the broom or mop; however, she's still scared of the Hoover.

She's still sometimes scared of people she doesn't know and it takes a bit of time before she can get used to them and she always seems to be scared of other dogs (especially small ones).

She loves going on walks though, and she still runs VERY fast - even as fast as some four legged whippets we meet - although she always falls on the corners.

Honey is very energetic and bouncy and always seems to be up for a good run. For example, when we went up Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland, she kept running back and forth and back and forth, and I swear she went up the mountain about four times!!! But she never seemed to get tired.

She's a very affectionate dog and she loves curling up on our laps even though she's far too big to be a lap dog! If we leave her on her own for an hour or two she's always over-joyed when we come home and she can't seem to contain herself. She used to be destructive and take stuff off the table or worktop, but she's got much better and barely disturbs anything.

She's fine with the cats and sometimes chases them, but she really just wants to be their friend. Honey is also a local celebrity, as people can't believe how fast she runs, and people always recognise her as THAT three legged dog, not forgetting it also must be partly down to her beauty.

We always get people saying "Oh, this is Honey, the three legged dog; I've heard all about her." Thank you for letting me tell you all about Honey. We hope you'll consider Honey as a member of the club.

Kind Regards,
Annabel Ritchie
United Kingdom
Thursday May 1, 2014


This is my Golden, Brandie!
I rescued her from the pound 4 years ago.
She was there because she was a runner and the previous owner couldn't keep her in the yard.
Brandie recently had her back leg amputated after a severe break trying to scale a fence once again!
Brandie loves to swim in our pool and is already eager to get back in after her staples are removed I have faith that she will swim again!

MaryAlice Hawkes
Thursday July 24, 2014

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