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This angel is my Sensi girl!
I rescued her from a bad home over a year ago when she was around 3 months old from a bad home. Since then, she has become my child, my cuddler, my protector, my love.
She's the biggest sweetheart you could ever imagine and is best friends with my sisters' dogs.

We live out in the country in West Virginia, so our dogs have always had the leisure to go outside and just run and adventure. Just a few days ago, my Sensi was caught in a hunters steel bear trap, not far from our home.
I was so heartbroken and worried as most animals simply don't survive that kind of fate.
Her right front leg was completely mangled along with having additional puncture wounds through her nasal cavity and neck.

When the vet shared her x-rays with me and suggested amputation I broke down, unsure of what would be the "right thing to do," and how I was going to manage to pay for all of this.
I prayed and prayed and after only a few long minutes, I found the resources, and I knew I needed to proceed with the surgery. The doctor and nurses praised her for being such a sweet and strong dog and offered that she was getting around really well. I brought my baby home yesterday. She got in and out of the car on her own and wow'ed me with how she climbed the stairs! I know we have a long road ahead of us, but we are Sensi-Strong!

Thank you,

Heather Gregory
Wednesday December 24, 2014


Bella is 9 years old.
She jumped off the couch and broke her wrist.
I spent thousands of dollars trying to fix it .....
finally they said I should just amputate it.
It was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through.
It was horrible, but she is awesome and acts like nothing has ever even happened to her.
She is the toughest girl I've ever met!!

Coco Chamaine
Saturday January 17, 2015

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