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Hi, I’m Remy F. I am 12 years old and I have a three-legged dog named Vinnie.

We adopted Vinnie in 2011 and we have loved him ever since.

In September 2016 I arrived home from school to find Vinnie lying down on our front steps; our neighbors were there with him.

We soon found out that Vinnie had slipped off our second story balcony!

My sister and I tried to call my parents but they wouldn't answer, so we decided to call my Aunt and Uncle.

They rushed over to our house as fast as they could. We then took him to an emergency vet and our close family friend met us there. 

Later, my parents arrived and X-rays were taken. We found out Vinnie had a broken left back leg and surgery wouldn't help, so we had to amputate the leg.

A few days later, we got to see him. He was walking around happy, and I knew we made the right decision.

He got his stitches out recently and he is doing great.
Vinnie is such an amazing dog and I am happy to have him in my life.

Remy Fortney
Wednesday October 5, 2016

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